The UX 11201 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank capacity of 11,200 litres, can cope easily with the high pressure to cover the acres. With the Super-L2 sprayer booms in working widths of 24 to 40 m and its triple pump system with suction capacities of up to 900 l/min, it is perfectly suited to large area farming or crops which require particularly high application rates.

UX 11200 trailed sprayer

Your benefits at a glance

  • Outstanding driving comfort via the hydro-pneumatic suspended chassis with fill-level control
  • Optimum handling on the road with either the Single Trail track following steering or exact, track-true following with the fully automatic DoubleTrail axle steering
  • Ability to increase the support load on to the tractor via the integrated traction control
  • Large storage compartments on the left and right hand side of the sprayer
  • Simple and comfortable filling and cleaning via the standard Comfort-Pack
  • High-performance induction bowl for minimum fill times and for a homogeneous spray agent mixture
  • High-capacity, self-priming, low maintenance piston diaphragm pumps for large application rates even at high spray pressures
  • DistanceControl fully automatic boom guidance
  • DUS or DUS pro pressure recirculation systems for continuous recirculation of the spray agent
  • 50 cm part-width sections and optimum nozzle choice thanks to the electric AmaSwitch and AmaSelect individual nozzle controls
  • Automatic cleaning programmes for perfect results

Product videos

AMAZONE UX 11201 Super trailed sprayer
AMAZONE UX 11201 Super tandem axle sprayer
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Output calculator

The Amazone Output Calculator produces a farm-related, economic calculation of a machine’s potential output prior to making an investment decision.


International sales network

If you are located outside Germany and Austria, you can obtain AMAZONE agricultural and groundcare machinery and technical support from specialised importers.

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future. Plant protection is an important part of agriculture in securing high yields and optimum quality. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply.