D9 mounted seed drill

Unbeatably successful. The classic seed drill.
The D9 mounted seed drill can be used on its own or in combination with a compatible soil tillage machine during plough sowing or mulch sowing. With working widths of 2.5 m to 4 m, the D9 mounted seed drills are suitable for small to medium-sized operations. The D9 can either be equipped with the WS Suffolk coulter or the RoTeC Control single disc coulter.

Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill

Combined with the KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrow, KX/KG Cultimix rotary cultivators or the mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow, the conventional Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill is the ideal machine for sowing after the plough or mulch sowing. In working widths of 3 m and 4 m and hopper sizes of 650 l to 1,730 l, the Cataya particularly impresses in terms of precision and comfort.

D9 6000 TC Combi trailed seed drill

Performance and precision with a 6 m working width
The D9 6000-TC "Combi" trailed seed drill is perfect for precise single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing of cereals, pulses and grasses.
It is efficient and ideal for comparatively small tractors with low lifting power thanks to its ease of pulling and compactness with a working width of 6 m.
High surface area coverage is guaranteed with a tank capacity of 2,800 l for fertiliser and seed and working speeds...

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