Conventional seed drills

When it comes to sowing technology, AMAZONE offers the D9 mounted seed drill, as well as the AD catch crop seeder box and the Cataya mechanical sowing combination for use with rotary harrows and rotary cultivators. The D9 is used alone or in combination with the Special versions for small and medium operations, the Super versions for medium and large operations and the 12000-2T as a towed seed drill for very large operations.

Pneumatic seed drills

The AMAZONE range for pneumatic sowing technology includes the AD-P Special and Centaya Super catch crop seeder box, the Avant mounted seed drill combination with front tank and the Cirrus trailed seed drill combination. The large area seed drills include the Citan solo seed drill, the Cayena and Condor tine coulter seed drills for direct seeding of stubble and sowing without previous soil tillage, as well as the Primera DMC for direct and mulch sowing in dry regions.

Precision seeders

As part of its precision seeder range, AMAZONE offers the Precea high-speed precision air seeder for maximum precision at working speeds up to 15 km/h. With machine sizes from 4 to 12 rows, AMAZONE has the right Precea for farms of all sizes. AMAZONE also offers the trailed precision air seeder with a working width of 9 metres for large fields.

GreenDrill catch crop seeder box

The GreenDrill universal catch crop seeder box by AMAZONE is an optimised seed drill for the distribution of fine seeds, catch crops, nurse crops and fertiliser and comes with a 200 l tank capacity in Version 200 and with a 500 l tank capacity and ISOBUS in Version 501. The GreenDrill is operated in combination with a compact disc harrow or a sowing combination.


For reconsolidating the soil AMAZONE offers the pre-running intermediate axle and front packer T-Pack U, the side packer T-Pack S and the T-Pack IN series for mounting in the centre of the machine to press on the tractor's intermediate wheel track.

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