Historisches Bild

Company history


Brief description of Amazonen-Werke, of their products and of the company's philosophy.

Chronicle of the AMAZONEN-Werke

The brief chronicle enables you to read about the AMAZONE history since its foundation in 1883 .

125 years AMAZONE

In 2008 AMAZONE is getting 125 years old! Now, since far more than one century AMAZONE sells agricultural machinery. In the week from 6th to 10th May, 2008, this has been celebrated in the headquarters in Hasbergen-Gaste - combined with the opening of the ACTIVE Centre finished just before.

Quality made by AMAZONE

At Amazone, product and production competence are closely linked. Laser cutting, drilling, turning, milling, folding, welding, painting, gearbox construction, hydraulic production, plastics production and final assembly - we ensure top quality at every step of the process.