All standard ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE can collect and save machine and site-specific data using Task Controller. Part-area, site-specific operation via application maps in the Shape file format and ISO-XML format is also possible.


With GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control, AMAZONE can offer GPS-based, fully automatic part-width section control for all AMAZONE operator terminals and ISOBUS-compatible fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills.


The GPS-Track parallel driving aid proves to be an enormous help in orientation within the field, especially on grassland. It features both A-B line and contour line driving track modes. The wheelings are clearly numbered. The deviation from the optimum track is shown graphically in the display.


Thanks to the AmaCam software licence, the optionally installed reversing camera automatically switches on when reversing. This dispenses with laborious switching and helps avoid dangerous situations behind the machine.

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Your work is made easy with our software licences for the AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals. Discover the extensive options which our AmaTron 4 and AmaPad 2 terminals offer you.