To increase the operational convenience, AMAZONE implements and operator terminals feature a function scope far beyond ISOBUS standards.

ISOBUS software licences

To meet all demands, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The applications GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Maps&Doc, GPS-Track, and AmaCam are already preinstalled so that no additional software is necessary.


To facilitate digital control of machine functions by mobile devices, AMAZONE offers various AgApps such as the mySpreader app and the EasyMix app for fertiliser spreaders, the mySeeder app for sowing machines and sowing combinations as well as the AmaTron Twin display extension for tablet PC integration. The Bluetooth adapter is used as an interface between the mobile end device and the machine, while the myAgrirouter app ensures data connections between products of...

SmartServices 4.0

The SmartService 4.0 by AMAZONE uses digital media and virtual and extended reality for service, training and maintenance work. Smart Training and SmartLearning are used for instruction and interactive driver training, while SmartInstruction and SmartSupport are used for supporting service technicians on site by using Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile end devices.

Data management

The Task Controller for the AmaTron 3, AmaTron 4 and AmaPad operator terminals enables cross-machine data management from data recording to data exchange with a Farm Management Information System. With the agrirouter AMAZONE offers a versatile, manufacturer overlapping data exchange platform, whereas the myAmaRouter app provides the AMAZONE connection to the data hub.