Two things make the agricultural machinery manufacturer Amazone more successful than some of its larger competitors: The Hasbergen-based company thinks in terms of overall agricultural processes and still leaves some fields to others.


Continuously developed

Amazone has benn marketing the third generation of Catros disc harrows since 2015. Recently, this third generation saw the addition of a three-point mounted folding model. We had the opportunity of testing the 5m version.


Simple set-up - Amazone Catros+ 7003-2TS disc harrow

AMAZONE is updateing its Catros+ range withe the latest generation 03 series in both mounted (03-2) and trailed (03-2TS) formats.


Amazone Pantera 7004 self-propelled sprayer

Crank up the volume: Amazone has been producing the Pantera selfpropelled since 2010. Now the current 4504 model is about to be joined by a new flagship, the 7004. And it's more than just a bigger tank, as we found out.


AMAZONE Tyrok 400 6+1 plough

Last season we used the seven-furrow Tyrok - and we were impressed.


Three hoppers, many ideas

Sowing a main and companion crop at the same time is not a new idea but developments can make the job easier. With a bit of imagination, the technique can now be exploited to allow different varieties of the same crop, as well as other seeds, to be sown together to save on pesticides and fertiliser plus reduce moisture losses. Here we take a look at an innovative approach to a varied drilling system.


Shallow is trump

Special print: Field test | Amazone Cobra 6000-2TX
incorporating stubble at a shallow depth and full width offers many advantages which are appreciated by more and more arable farmers who come to choose a topsoil cultivator. this market is also being conquered by Amazone who have launched the new Cobra spring tine cultivator to offer those advantage. the new addition to the Amazone product range boasts a number of stand-out details.


Spot-on treatment at the touch of a button

Direct injection increases flexibility and enhances environmental protection. We talked to farmers, consultants and developers about the benefits of the new Directinject technology from AMAZONE.


Boundary-pushing app

GPS-ScenarioControl is a new feature of the AMAZONE AmaTron Twin app which records and retrieves field paths an on/off control commands with GNSS accuracy for easier navigation and boundary spreading.



Electronic and hydraulic technology is the key for more accuracy and greater operator comfort in spraying. We explore which technologies are available for sprayers now and what they have on offer.



Ceus 3000-TX is a combination of a short disc harrow and a cultivator field of new C-Mix tines which ensures effective mixing and incorporation of organic material. Bernd Feuerborn reports on what we like and dislike about the new machine.


Precision goes boundary spreading

How accurate are the various boundary spreading systems in applying the correct rate to the field margin? To find out, the Austrian Innovation Farm put four different systems and techniques from Amazone through their paces.


Spreading made easy and comfortable

The ZA-M is the classic model in the Amazone Spreader programme which caters for all popular tramline systems spreading at widths from 10 to 36 meters. Last spring we had the opportunity to try aout the new edition, the ZA-M 02 with EasySet 2 computer control.


Driving impression: "All you need"

Five years ago Amazone introduced the first drill that had double-disc coulters. Now the company presents an entry-level version of these coulters for their Cataya Special mechanical drill. We put a pre-production unit through its paces.


Amazone Precea 6000-2CC maize drill: On course for more width

In preparation of phasing out its existing precision drills in the short and long term, Amazone is adding new models to its Precea family. Here is the low down on the latest 6m model and how it performed in the DLG tests.


Precea - A logical combination

Precea 3000 ACC Super is a precision drill that was developed for mounting on the company’s 3m rotary cultivators thereby extending Amazone’s range of mounted mechanical and pneumatic drills. We tried the combination in the field drilling a crop of maize.


Amazone Avant 6002-2 power harrow drill: Advance the Avant

Amazone is well versed in the front hopper/rear folding power harrow drill set-up with its long-serving Avant. The new 6.0 m machine gains a pressurised front hopper and several more updates, bringing it in line with the firm’s other drill options.

A range expanded and improved

A range expanded and improved

In launching the UF 1302 and UF 1002, Amazone has added new entry-level models to its mounted sprayer range. We were intrigued by the large number of small and useful features at which we took a close look in spring of this year.


Amazone UX4201 Super trailed sprayer

Is it really super? When we tested the Amazone UX trailed sprayer back in 2006 there was very little to complain about. But the implement maker has not been resting on its laurels, launching the UX4201, it has added even more features and technology. The outcome is a top-notch sprayer, but with a top-shelf price.

Sowing unit Amazone PreTeC

DLG Test Report 7104: Sowing unit Amazone PreTeC

The tested Amazone PreTeC sowing unit was mount- ed to a 6-row Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super precision drill. The seed singling unit is available as with an electric or mechanical drive system.

Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super (1)

DLG Test Report 7093: Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super

The machine that came to the test was the 6-row Precea 4500-2CC Super precision drill with Precis fertiliser metering system from Amazone. According to the manufacturer, the machine is suitable for drilling into ploughed, min-till and no-tils soils.


Which is the ideal configuration for a fertiliser spreader – trailed or mounted?

Two ways of doing things right
There are two strategies for spreading fertiliser on a large scale – either using a trailed spreader complete with hopper or a self-propelled unit.


Amazone UF2002 mounted sprayer with FT1502 front tank

More volume, more comfort - The new Amazone UF2002 mounted sprayer has a massive 3,500-litre capacity when combined with the FT1502. Find out what else is new in our exclusive driving impression


Amazone AmaTron TwinApp

Twins among themselves - With the TwinApp for the AmaTron 4 you can connect a tablet to act as a second screen rather than having to flick between menus. We take a closer look at how it works and why it could benefit you, even if you want to use it with other makes of kit.

Amazone AmaTron 4 ISObus terminal (1)

Amazone AmaTron 4 ISObus terminal

We used the AmaTron 4 terminal when we tested Amazone’s UX4201 Super trailed sprayer in the June issue of profi. Introduced in May 2018, the ISObus-compatible unit with tablet-like swiping capabilities was presented at Agritechnica along with a raft of new features and a software update.


Amazone Ceus 4000-2TX cultivator

Catros + Cenius = Ceus - Ceus blends Amazone's Catros disc harrow and Cenius tine cultivator. This type of disc/tine tool is now a familiar sight on UK arable farms, so how does the new Ceus compare with its many rivals?


Amazone Catros XL 6003-2TS compact disc harrows

Bigger discs go deep - Amazone’s Catros XL 2TS is its answer for farmers wanting to disc at depths down to 16cm. The 4.0m to 6.0m range is only sold in a semi-mounted format, and we tried the 6.0m model on some chitted oilseed rape stubble.


Practical Test: Amazone Centaya 3000 Super power harrow drill

Near perfect planting - While there is lots of talk of low-disturbance drilling, the long-serving power harrow drill is still the tool of choice for getting many arable crops in the ground. Focus for our practical test is the Amazon KG harrow and Centaya pneumatic drill combo, which impressed with its precise performance.


Spreading made easy and comfortable

The ZA-M is the classic model in the Amazone Spreader programme which caters for all popular tramline systems spreading at widths from 10 to 36 meters. Last spring we had the opportunity to try aout the new edition, the ZA-M 02 with EasySet 2 computer control.