Crop protection technology


Amazone Pantera 7004 self-propelled sprayer

Crank up the volume: Amazone has been producing the Pantera selfpropelled since 2010. Now the current 4504 model is about to be joined by a new flagship, the 7004. And it's more than just a bigger tank, as we found out.


Spot-on treatment at the touch of a button

Direct injection increases flexibility and enhances environmental protection. We talked to farmers, consultants and developers about the benefits of the new Directinject technology from AMAZONE.



Electronic and hydraulic technology is the key for more accuracy and greater operator comfort in spraying. We explore which technologies are available for sprayers now and what they have on offer.

A range expanded and improved

A range expanded and improved

In launching the UF 1302 and UF 1002, Amazone has added new entry-level models to its mounted sprayer range. We were intrigued by the large number of small and useful features at which we took a close look in spring of this year.


Amazone UF2002 mounted sprayer with FT1502 front tank

More volume, more comfort - The new Amazone UF2002 mounted sprayer has a massive 3,500-litre capacity when combined with the FT1502. Find out what else is new in our exclusive driving impression