GreenDrill 501

New universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l tank capacity

AMAZONE will introduce the GreenDrill, the first in-house-developed, universal catch crop seeder box, at Agritechnica 2019. The GreenDrill 501, with 500 l hopper capacity, is suitable for sowing catch crops, fine seeds, undersown crops and spreading fertiliser in combination with the trailed AMAZONE soil tillage range or the Cirrus trailed drill combination.
The seed hopper
The hopper of the GreenDrill 501...


Cataya 3000 Special with land wheel drive

Mechanical drive meets comfortable operation in the Cataya seed drill

The Cataya 3000 Special with mechanical land wheel drive rounds off the product range of harrow-mounted conventional seed drills. In addition to the single-side or double-side electrically-driven seed shaft options, AMAZONE now also offers a simple land wheel drive with the Cataya Special.
Reliable drive technology
The mechanical land wheel runs on the right hand of the seed drill in the driving...

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New seed drill calibration via smartphone for optimum operating comfort

Any farmer who has previously calibrated a seed drill will remember running to and fro between the drill and the tractor cab. The metering unit has to be opened and the calibration sack has to be positioned. The calibration process has then to be started from the tractor cab. The calibrated amount is then weighed and then another move between tractor and seed drill takes place.
The TwinTerminal...


Cirrus 03-CC with MultiBoom control

Exact distribution of different materials delivered in a single pass
In addition to simply sowing grain, there are new agricultural challenges that require simultaneous distribution of several materials in a single pass. This is the reason why the Cirrus 4003-CC, 4003-2CC and 6003-2CC have a 2-chamber hopper as well as a second coulter rail with FerTeC coulters. Delivered materials can thus be placed at the optimum depth in each case, using the Double-Shoot method. At...


FTender 1600 and 2200 front tanks

Universal application with many machines – The new magic tank

The new FTender front tank is offered with a 1,600 l or 2,200 l hopper capacity. The large hopper opening, 1,100 mm x 2,200 mm, enables the easy and rapid filling of the universal tank. The single tipped front tank has an aerodynamic shape and allows for good forwards visibility. This is useful when driving on roads as well as during reversing in the field. The FTender will be available both as an open...


FertiSpot for the Precea precision air seeder

Spot-accurate fertiliser application: Higher yields, save costs, protect the environment

Current precision seeder methods often use a separate coulter to dispense fertiliser alongside the seed. For this purpose, a strip of fertiliser is deposited in a laterally offset position, slightly below the seed. The traditional under-root fertilisation, via this DoubleShoot method guarantees the plant a very good supply of nutrients during its early development. However, this...

FDC mit EDX d1_190820

Fertiliser Delivery Cart FDC 6000

Accurate and reliable application of liquid fertiliser directly when sowing

AMAZONE developed the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart specifically for dry farming locations. It can be used in combination with the Primera DMC seed drill, the Condor seed drill and the EDX precision air seeder. The Cart is hitched between the tractor and the trailed seed drill. A pump with friction wheel drive transports the liquid fertiliser to the sowing coulters, which apply it to the soil.


Avant 02 – seed drill combination with front tank

Compact, flexible, high output

AMAZONE is exhibiting the new 02 Generation of the Avant seed drill combination at Agritechnica 2019. The machine consists of the new FTender front tank, the new generation of active soil tillage equipment and the new TwinTeC seed coulters. The seed rail, with the parallelogram-suspended TwinTeC double disc coulters, will be available in working widths of 3 m and 4 m rigid and in 6 m folding.
The soil tillage – new KG 6002-2 rotary...


UX 11201 Super tandem axle sprayer

Maximum effectiveness, accuracy and operating comfort

The new UX 11201 Super from AMAZONE has a tank capacity of 11,200 l and introduces completely new technology into the large tandem axle sprayer sector. The new electronics allow, for example, integration of the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping. The software for the operation of the UX 11201 Super was developed by AMAZONE and simplifies handling whilst clearly...

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SmartSprayer joint project

The smarter sprayer! Crop protection technology meets camera technology and expert knowledge

The joint SmartSprayer project from Bosch, xarvioTM and AMAZONE now makes it possible to automatically detect weeds in row crops in real time, using software based on economic thresholds to make an application decision and perform partial area application of the latest crop protection technology down to individual plant level. Savings potentials of between 20 and 60 % are...


Black Pantera 4503

Limited edition model to celebrate 50 years of AMAZONE crop protection technology
Agritechnica show model – not orderable

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of AMAZONE crop protection technology, AMAZONE will be presenting the Black Pantera 4503 50 as a limited edition model at Agritechnica 2019. Like its namesake from the animal world, this limited edition Pantera comes in black and anthracite. The Black Pantera is equipped with intelligent vehicle and crop...


Schmotzer hoeing technology

The perfect addition to the AMAZONE plant protection programme

Plant protection is an important part of agriculture to secure high yields and optimal qualities. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply. However, the chemical plant protection sector is also facing a big challenge in future. On the one hand there is the problem of resistance and on the other side there is an increasing amount of legal...

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Front tank FT 1502 with UF 2002

The cost-efficient self-propelled sprayer with a 3,500 l tank and fill level management

AMAZONE has offered the FT 1001 front tank for several years with great success. The range has now been extended by the introduction of the FT 1502. With the FT 1502 front tank, the tank capacity of the UF 02 mounted sprayer can very easily be extended by 1,500 l. A UF 2002, in combination with a FT 1502, therefore has a tank capacity of 3,500 l. The optional FlowControl+ and the...


UX 5200 Special

Extension to the existing product range

The successful UX Special model range, in tank capacities of 3,200 l or 4,200 l, are now joined by an additional size with a tank capacity of 5,200 l. The standard equipment of the UX 5200 Special includes a high-performance 380 l/min pump to ensure adequate agitation. The over-capacity 380 l/min pump is available across the complete UX Special range and extends the boom width potential of the Super-L2 booms for all UX Specials...


AmaSelect Spot with DroneLink

Part-area, site-specific weed treatment based on highly accurate drone photographs

To reduce the usage of crop protection agents, AMAZONE offers AmaSelect Spot, a nozzle control system that allows part-area, site-specific weed treatment based on highly accurate drone photographs. The DroneLink software takes into account the special properties of the AmaSelect system for accurate off-line spot application. The compilation of high-resolution maps of weed distribution...


AmaSelect Row

Accurate band spraying at the press of a button to reduce usage of plant protection agents

With AmaSelect Row, AMAZONE now offers the possibility to switch any machine with an AmaSelect nozzle body remotely control from whole-area application to row-specific band spraying. Row-specific band spraying makes it possible to reduce the usage of plant protection agents by up to 65 %.
This requires special SpotFan 40-03 nozzles with a spraying angle of just 40°. These...

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AmaSelect CurveControl

Optimised application when driving round bends

In order to keep the application rate as constant as possible across the whole of the boom width when driving round bends, AMAZONE now offers the CurveControl function for the AmaSelect nozzle control on UX trailed sprayers and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer.
In the past, application of plant protection products when driving round bends has led to an over-application on the inside of the bend and an under-application...


NEVONEX - FEATURE AmaSense Weather

Part-area, site-specific temperature and humidity measuring sensor on plant protection equipment
A FEATURE from AMAZONE for NEVONEX powered by Bosch

Optimised plant protection with additional expert knowledgeePesticides have different effects in changing weather conditions. Depending on the time of day and the position of the area (hill, valley, edge of forest, etc.), temperature and humidity conditions vary. The risk of infestation from fungal diseases is clearly...

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AMAZONE connection to the data hub

The agrirouter was presented as a new product at Agritechnica 2017. As a neutral entity, the new data exchange platform solves a key problem in the digitalisation of agriculture: the agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform for farmers and contractors through which machinery and agricultural software can be connected across manufacturers.
Each user can create a personal agrirouter account and creates their own data stream...


Screen enhancement AmaTron Twin

New App for a more convenient display of the field view via tablet integration

Today, many functions are controlled by an operator terminal. Besides pure machine operation, applications such as the automatic part-width section control GPS-Switch and the optical parallel guidance aid GPS-Track are utilised as well. Users who have relied on a single terminal in the cab until now often have to switch between the various user interfaces on the terminals. In this way, they...


AMAZONE Bluetooth-Adapter

The new interface between mobile device and the machine

Available immediately, AMAZONE ISOBUS fertilisation and seeding equipment can be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. This adapter is used for wireless communication with the machine and for data transfer between a smartphone and the mounted implement, for example. Through this interface, the data from the mySpreader and mySeeder Apps can be sent directly to the job computer on the implement. These Apps help when...


AmaPad 2

New ISOBUS operator terminal

At the Agritechnica exhibition, AMAZONE is presenting its successor to AmaPad – the AmaPad 2 ISOBUS operator terminal. AmaPad 2 features a high-resolution, high-contrast and low-reflection 12.1" multi-touch display and the innovative MiniView concept. In this case, applications that the user is not currently using, but would like to monitor, are displayed in miniature at the side of the screen. If necessary, the user can change the...

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The first all-in-one package containing the FertiliserService, EasyCheck and EasyMix Apps for perfect spreader adjustment

Well-founded fertiliser settings for over 27 years
Service: AMAZONE made this word its own in the field of fertilising advice back in 1992. And even back then, it was recognised that it was impossible for farmers to find the perfect adjustment for each fertiliser, given the wide variety of fertilisers. In addition to the broad range of fertiliser...

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HeadlandControl for ZA-TS

Optimum lateral distribution on the headland

Thanks to the automatic GPS-Switch control, the fertiliser spreader automatically switches on and off very precisely at the headland or in wedge-shaped fields. In combination with GPS-Switch, the so-called SwitchPoint offers the possibility to ideally adjust the switch-on and switch-off points depending on the fertiliser and the working width. The so-called SwitchOn-Point is the point where the fertiliser spreader comes on.



New App for easy adjustment and evaluation of blended fertilisers
The mySpreader App is rounded off by a tool that works out setting recommendations for blended fertilisers. This function is called EasyMix.
Different fertilisers are often mixed together to save on the number of applications and reduce operating costs. This is usually a nutrient-based fertiliser application. If the constituents that are mixed together have different physical characteristics, however...


EasySet 2 in-cab operating terminal for ZA-V

The solution for more precision and ease of use

As an alternative to hydraulic shutter actuation, AMAZONE offers the EasySet 2 in-cab terminal for the entry-level class of the ZA-V fertiliser spreader. EasySet 2 enables electric shutter operation at the push of a button. No hydraulic connections are required for the shutter actuation, but just a 12 V power connection for the in-cab terminal.
The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal does not require menu navigation. This means...


Straw harrow and knife roller

New pre-working tools for the Catros compact disc harrow

Due to increasing weather extremes and stronger regulation in the use of pesticides, the framework conditions for good crop management in plant production are constantly being changed. In order for crops to have the ideal start and growing conditions in their early development, better field hygiene will continue to gain in importance. This is the reason behind why AMAZONE is presenting its new pre-working tools,...


CatrosXL from 4 m to 8 m

New compact disc harrows for covering large areas and incorporating higher amounts of organic matter
The AMAZONE CatrosXL 3003 to 4003 compact disc harrows presented at the last Agritechnica, in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m, with 610 mm discs and a maximum working depth of 16 cm, have been very well received in practice. The AMAZONE Group continues to write the success story of the CatrosXL compact disc harrow at Agritechnica 2019 and is now completing its...


Certos 02

The new generation of heavy compact disc harrows from 4 m to 7 m
With the launch of the Certos 4002-2TX, 5002-2TX, 6002-2TX and 7002-2TX, AMAZONE presents the second generation of the Certos heavy compact disc harrow in working widths 4 to 7 m. The new Certos has a completely new chassis concept that is optimised for the harsh operating conditions of this machine. It now provides the discs with an even greater clearance for evading obstacles when overloaded. Added to...


Cenius-2TX ZoneFinder with exatrek

Cultivator for detecting small-scale soil differences

Soil is an important foundation when it comes to Precision Farming. The existing soil maps provide the basic knowledge, but they do not take into account the impact of long-term management of agricultural land on soil structure. Despite small-scale soil tillage, currently only a small amount of real-time data is collected in work. The detection of different soil structures during work, such as when carrying out...


Precea precision air seeder

At Agritechnica, AMAZONE will be showing the new Precea precision air seeder. The rigid Precea 3000 and the telescopic Precea 4500-2 will be introduced in the first release. An additional highlight of the AMAZONE offering is the Precea 3000-A harrow-mounted, precision air seeder with QuickLink interface.


Cenio mounted cultivator

The new lightweight and universal mounted cultivator from 3 m to 4 m

With the Cenio, AMAZONE is launching a new 3-row compact mounted cultivator onto the market at this year’s Agritechnica 2019. As the “little brother” of the Cenius, Cenio, designed as a light, but universal mulch cultivator, rounds off the bottom end of the AMAZONE product range for 3-point linkage mounted cultivators. The cultivator is available in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m in rigid...

Nov 28, 2019, Hasbergen-Gaste

Cenio – the new lightweight and versatile mounted cultivator

With the Cenio, Amazone launched a new 3-row compact mounted cultivator at this year’s Agritechnica 2019. Designed as a lightweight but extremely flexible mulch cultivator, the Cenio rounds off the bottom end of the Amazone cultivator range of 3-point linkage mounted cultivators as the "little brother" of the Cenius.

Amazone Pantera 4503
Mar 31, 2019, Hasbergen-Gaste

The new Pantera 4503 self-propelled sprayer

Mit der neuen Pantera 4503 bringt AMAZONE eine selbstfahrende Pflanzenschutzspritze mit dem neuen Comfort-Paket 1 und einer innovativen Gestängeführung auf den Markt. Die Pantera 4503 erfüllt die Abgasstufe 5. Herzstück der Pantera 4503 ist ein Deutz 6-Zylinder-Motor mit 218-PS-Motorleistung. Der Reihenmotor mit Turboaufladung und Ladeluftkühlung für höchsten Leistungsbedarf sorgt dank der intelligenten Motorsteuerung im ECO-Modus für ein Minimum an Kraftstoffverbrauch.

Verleihung GaLaBau Innovationsmedaille Amazone
Sep 28, 2018

GaLaBau-Innovationsmedaille für SmartService 4.0

Freitag, 28. September 2018
GaLaBau-Innovationsmedaille für SmartService 4.0

Amazone ist auf der Fachmesse GaLaBau 2018 in Nürnberg für den SmartService 4.0 mit der GaLaBau-Innovationsmedaille ausgezeichnet worden. Die Bewertungskommission belohnte damit das Konzept, das digitale VR- (Virtual Reality) und AR-Technologien (Augmented Reality) nutzt, um die Lern-, Trainings- und Reparaturprozesse im Bereich des technischen Kundendienstes weiter auszubauen und so die...

Jun 27, 2018

AMAZONE stellt neue Sämaschinen-Generationen und neues ISOBUS-Terminal AmaTron 4 in Tarmstedt vor

Unter dem Motto „GO for Innovation“ stellen die Amazonen-Werke auf der 70. Tarmstedter Ausstellung vom 6. bis 9. Juli 2018 neben dem aktuellen Maschinen-Programm zwei Neuheiten vor. So werden die neuen Sämaschinen-Generationen Cataya und Centaya mit mechanischer und pneumatischer Sätechnik erstmals in Tarmstedt gezeigt.
Als zweite Neuheit können die landwirtschaftlichen Fachbesucher den AmaTron 4, ein von Amazone komplett eigenentwickeltes ISOBUS-Terminal im...

Jun 7, 2018

Manager 4 all – New AmaTron 4 from Amazone

Amazone, with its AmaTron 4, introduces an innovative and completely new, in-house developed tablet style ISOBUS terminal. This fourth generation of AmaTron offers the ultimate in operational comfort and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the 8” multi-touch colour display, comfortable operation, even of complex machines, is just a matter of course.

Nov 20, 2017

Amazone kürt die Sieger des Amazone Innovation Award 2017

Mit Preisen im Gesamtwert von 5.000 Euro hat die Amazone-Stiftung bereits zum fünften Mal den Innovation Award für herausragende wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten aus dem Landtechnikbereich verliehen. Die offizielle Preisverleihung für die beste Bachelor- sowie die beste Masterarbeit fand am 14. November 2017 auf dem Amazone Agritechnica-Stand in Hannover statt. Die Preisübergabe erfolgte durch den Stiftungsrats-Vorsitzenden Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, Präsident der...

Erster Spatenstich
Sep 7, 2017

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Amazone factory in Bramsche

In the Schleptrup industrial area near Bramsche, Amazonen-Werke has started on the build of its new production facility. The official initiation was given on August 31st, 2017 with a symbolic first ground-breaking ceremony. Even though the rain poured down, it did not spoil the good mood. Amongst the guests present was the County commissioner of Osnabrück district, Dr. Michael Lübbersmann as well as Heiner Pahlmann, Mayor of the town of Bramsche.

Aug 10, 2017

Pantera+ mit noch mehr Steigfähigkeit

With its stepless hydrostatic drive, the Pantera self-propelled crop protection sprayer from Amazone is well-proven in its ability to cope in difficult operating conditions. It features excellent pulling power and, with its climbing ability of up to 27 %, it fully meets the demands usually found in practice.

Jul 31, 2017

Amazone introduces the new XTender-T trailed hopper

New from Amazone is the XTender-T, a flexible-application, trailed distribution hopper running on a single axle. The XTender-T has been developed for farms looking to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed in combination with the soil tillage operation via a cultivator or compact disc harrow. So, the XTender-T, for instance, can be utilised for the application of a compensation fertiliser to counteract Nitrogen removal by the straw rotting process or for sowing...

Sieger des Berufswettkampfs
Jul 28, 2017

Amazone-Stiftung ehrt Sieger des Berufswettkampfs Fachkraft Agrarservice

Auch 2017 hat die Amazone-Stiftung die drei Prüfungsbesten aus dem Berufswettkampf Fachkraft Agrarservice (FAS) mit Prämien ausgezeichnet. Bei diesem Wettkampf waren am 26. Juli 2017 insgesamt 21 junge Menschen auf dem Gelände der DEULA in Rendsburg angetreten, um verschiedene theoretische wie auch praktische berufsbezogene Aufgaben zu lösen.
Als Sieger ging Robin Tenbült vom nordrhein-westfälischen Lohnunternehmen Nielen aus dem Wettbewerb hervor. Dafür erhielt er...

E+S 751
May 29, 2017

Amazone stellt neue Winterdienststreuer-Generation vor

Auf der Messe Demopark 2017 (11. bis 13.06.2017 auf dem Flugplatz Eisenach-Kindel) präsentiert Amazone sein komplettes Kommunalmaschinen-Programm: Maschinen für das Grünflächenmanagement und die Weidepflege, Landschaftsbaukombinationen und Technik für den Winterdienst. Die jüngsten Neuheiten auf dem Amazone-Stand (Nr. D-418) sind die Winterdienststreuer E+S 301 und E+S 751 mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 300 l bzw. 750 l. Beide Streuer sind mit einer variablen...

Pantera 4502
Apr 6, 2017

Pantera 4502 according to new emission standard 4

The heart of the Amazone Pantera 4502 self propelled machine is the proven 6-cylinder Deutz engine with a power rating of 160 kW/218 HP. The high-torque in-line engine with turbocharger and intercooling for highest performance requirements, provides – thanks to its intelligent engine management in ECO mode – minimal fuel consumption. If, however, more power is required, for instance when working on steep slopes, then the power mode is available to the driver that enables...

Feb 21, 2017

HeightSelect für Einzeldüsenschaltung AmaSelect

Technische und meteorologische Parameter sind für eine sichere und wirksame Pflanzenschutzapplikation zu berücksichtigen. Ziel ist eine abdriftarme Applikation, die neben Düsenauswahl, Spritzdruck und Fahrgeschwindigkeit auch mit Einhaltung der richtigen Gestängehöhe erreicht wird. Bei einem geringen Zielflächenabstand beeinträchtigt der Wind die Tropfen so wenig wie möglich. Die optimale Gestängehöhe hängt vom Spritzwinkel der Düsen und der Düsenabstände im Gestänge ab.

Dec 31, 2016

Amazone: Slight turnover increase in 2016

For the 2016 financial year, the Amazone Group achieved a turnover of 406 million Euros. In comparison with the previous year, at 402 million Euros, it means that the turnover was thus slightly higher. At the same time, this result is above average against the other German agricultural machinery manufacturers, which, according to the VDMA, registered in 2016 a drop in turnover of 2 %.

Oct 16, 2016

AGROSALON 2016: Großes Interesse für Amazone

Vom 4. bis 7. Oktober 2016 fand die größte internationale Messe Russlands und der GUS-Staaten, der AGROSALON, auf dem Gelände der «Crocus Expo» in Moskau statt. Als gemeinsames Projekt der beiden Landtechnikverbände „Rosagromash“ (Russland) und VDMA Landtechnik (Deutschland) präsentierte diese Messe mit 543 Ausstellern aus 26 Ländern wieder die besten technischen Lösungen und Neuheiten für die Landwirtschaft. Insgesamt kamen 33.000 Messebesucher, darunter 136...

Oct 10, 2016

DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control for Amazone fertiliser spreaders

As standard, the ZA-TS and ZG-TS ISOBUS fertiliser spreaders from Amazone feature a multiple part-width Section Control. This function can be actuated either manually or automatically via the Section Control software and, up until now, the maximum number of part-width sections has been 16 which are, when operated in combination with the AMAZONE GPS-Switch Section Control software, controlled automatically.

Sep 1, 2016

Agritechnica: Three silver medals for Amazone

Amazone has been rewarded once again for its important innovations. So, ahead of the world’s most important and biggest agriculture machinery trade fair, the Innovations Commission has awarded Amazonen-Werke three silver medals.

Cirrus mit Claas
Jul 1, 2016

Cirrus 6003-2 now with the option of TwinTeC+double disc coulters

Amazone has introduced a new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter for its Cirrus 6003-2 and 6003-2C 6-m-large area sowing combinations. This makes the Cirrus the first seed drill from Amazone which, depending on choice and the individual farm situation, can be equipped with either the renowned RoTeC single disc coulter or with the new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter system.

Feb 24, 2016

AmaSelect: 50 cm part-width sections help reduce chemical usage in crop protection

On offer now from Amazone is the electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control with 50 cm part-width sections and which is available for the UX trailed sprayer and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. In combination with the automatic GPS-Switch headland and part-width SectionControl, which, on its own, enables spray agent savings of approximately 5 %, any overlapping during application can be still further reduced with the aid of the AmaSelect individual nozzle control.

UF mit DistanceControl
Jan 25, 2016

DistanceControl plus: Automatic boom guidance with 4 sensors

With the aid of the automatic DistanceControl boom guidance system from Amazone, the sprayer boom follows the crop at the precise height so that the optimum distance between nozzle and the target surface is optimally main-tained.

ZA-V 2600 im Einsatz
Dec 7, 2015

New ZA-V 2600 and hopper extensions

With the ZA-V 2600 Amazone has supplemented its ZA-V fertiliser spreader range by a new model with a hopper capacity of 2,600 litres. So, the full range now encompasses seven models with hopper volumes from 1,700 right through to 4,200 litres.

Innovation Award
Nov 10, 2015

Call for the “Innovation Award 2015”

This year the Amazone Foundation again will award two outstanding scientific degree thesis the "Innovation Award 2015" and attractive monetary prizes. Those young scientists can apply for whose bachelor or master thesis have a relation to agriculture. In addition the dissertation should deal with innovative themes in the range of system- or machine technology, the production of agricultural machinery or their sale and service.

Nov 10, 2015

Amazone foundation awards the innovation prize 2015

The Amazone Foundation again has awarded two scientific degree theses the ‘Innovation Award 2015’. The official presentation of the Innovation Award was held at Agritechnica 2015 in Hanover.

Aug 28, 2015

New following roller with Matrix tyre profile

To expand the working spectrum of the wedge ring roller, Amazone has de-veloped a version with a new Matrix tyre profile. The special feature of this roller is the specific longitudinal and lateral profiles of the Matrix tyres. Whereas the longitudinal profile creates the desired strip-wise reconsolidation of the soil, the narrow cross bars on the profile provide more fine soil, resulting in optimum growing conditions.

Richtfest Hude
Jul 6, 2015

Richtfest für neue Farbgebungs-anlage in Hude-Altmoorhausen

Das wichtigste Vorhaben beim Ausbau der Amazone-Fertigungskapazitäten ist derzeit der Neubau einer Farbgebungsanlage am Standort Hude-Altmoorhausen. Mit einem Richtfest wurde hier am 1. Juli 2015 der erste Bauabschnitt abgeschlossen. Zu diesem Ereignis begrüßten Amazone-Geschäftsführer Christian Dreyer und Dr. Stephan Evers, Mitglied der Amazone-Geschäftsleitung, zahlreiche Ehrengäste aus Kreis, Gemeinde und Nachbarschaft sowie Vertreter der beteiligten...

Jun 28, 2015

New to the Amazone range: the Double-U profile roller

With the DUW 580 Double-U profile roller, Amazone has extended its pro-gramme yet further with another following roller for the Certos TX heavy com-pact disc harrow and for the Cenius TX mulch cultivator. The specific feature of this roller is the 580 mm diameter U profile rings which are open and be-come filled with soil during operation.