Sep 12, 2023

New AMAZONE Catros+ 03 compact disc harrows

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in working widths from 4 m to 7 m and Smart Frame System

Catros+ 7003-2TS with knife roller and double harrow
Catros+ 7003-2TS with knife roller and double harrow

The Catros+ 03-2 models mean that AMAZONE now offers new folding mounted compact disc harrows in working widths of 4, 5, 6 and 7 m. In parallel, the trailed TS variant with bogey chassis is also available. The Catros is perfect for shallow and intensive mixing soil tillage. The low pulling power requirement combined with high forward speeds provides the scope for high work rates with low fuel consumption. The complete product range of the third generation includes working widths from 2.5 m to 12 m.

Smart Frame System – comfortable, quick and precise

The intelligent Smart Frame System frame concept is extremely user-friendly. This new form of working depth adjustment means that the machine needs to be aligned parallel to the field surface only once. The working depth is adjusted by simple rotation of the disc carrier arms. In this respect, the rows of discs are rotated away from the frame for a deeper setting or the discs are rotated towards the frame for shallower work. As a result, the machine frame always remains parallel to the soil, meaning that the machine works at the right depth at all times. 



This is extremely comfortable when using the mounted machines, because the top link does not have to be corrected when adjusting the working depth. The system has a particular advantage in the case of the trailed models as the working depth adjustment has no impact on its combination with any front tools. In comparison to other machine concepts, where the working depth is changed by tilting the entire machine and thus the front tools have to be re-adjusted as a consequence, the Smart Frame System makes the task much easier and more efficient. The same applies also, for instance, when using following double rollers and harrows. As a result of the constant position of the frame, the rollers do not tilt when the working depth is changed, and the pressure is always the same on both rollers. Furthermore, the adjustment of the optional rear harrow also remains unchanged. 

The deeper the work, the greater the distance between the frame and disc arm and the following roller. This provides optimum through-passage in the machine as a result of the higher clearance. 

Simple and uncomplicated setting and adjustment of the working depth
Simple and uncomplicated setting and adjustment of the working depth

Huge through-passage, always perfectly adapted to the working depth
Huge through-passage, always perfectly adapted to the working depth

Thanks to the Smart Frame System, the working depth can be comfortably adjusted hydraulically from the cab when needed without compromising the result and without laborious readjustment. This offers the user maximum comfort, especially when working deeper for a short-duration such as in tramlines or on the headland. A fixed linkage between the two rows of discs ensures a uniform working depth of the disc element. The frame is also very clearly visible with an open design, meaning that easy monitoring of the implements is guaranteed.


  • Simple and uncomplicated setting and adjustment of the working depth
  • Completely independent depth adjustment of the front tools and the main working element
  • The first and second row of discs always work at the same depth
  • Convenient for quick changes to the working depth, such as working deeper in tramlines or on the headland
  • Huge through-passage, always perfectly adapted to the working depth

Front tools for any application

The Catros+ 03-2TS trailed compact disc harrow with bogey chassis is divided into 3 sections: The optional front tools, the disc element and the following roller. A knife roller or Crushboard are offered as front tools. The extremely robust knife roller with maintenance-free bearings is ideal for shredding organic matter such as rape, sunflowers, maize stubbles or catch crops. The individual roller segments provide perfect contour following. The Crushboard can be selected as an alternative if the focus is on seedbed preparation.

The right disc for every requirement

With a disc diameter of 510 mm, the Catros+ permits working depths from 5 cm to 14 cm and is ideal for a wide range of applications from full-surface chitting of stubbles and seedbed preparation to medium-deep soil tillage and incorporation of organic matter and liquid manures. Depending on the main application, there is a choice between a smooth, fine-serrated or coarse-serrated disc. Furthermore, the X-Cutter disc, with a diameter of 480 mm, is available for the new Catros+ 03 for very shallow work from 2 cm to 8 cm. The wave profile guarantees full-surface movement and high mixing intensity at the same time.

Simultaneous incorporation of liquid manure with the pro-Pack

Catros+ 7003-2 with pro-Pack and double harrow
Catros+ 7003-2 with pro-Pack and double harrow

The simultaneous incorporation of liquid manures during application reduces nutrient loss and therefore protects the environment. For this purpose, AMAZONE offers the pro-Pack for the Catros+ mounted compact disc harrows in working widths of 5 m, 6 m and 7 m. A double harrow can also be used on machines with a working widths of 6 and 7 m. This allows faster drying and warming of the soil. The machine weight is, at the same time, reduced.

Long-lasting and maintenance free

Catros+ 03-2 compact on the road
Catros+ 03-2 compact on the road

The special maintenance-free face seals on the Catros disc bearings reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum and ensure high durability at the same time. The individual disc suspension means that the disc bearings are always located in the shadow of the soil flow, in order to protect them from wear and to generate a better through-passage. In addition to this, the pre-tensioned rubber spring elements and the individual disc suspension provide optimum contour following with maintenance-free overload protection systems.

Following rollers for many applications

Depending on the field conditions and needs, various following rollers and harrows can be selected from the wide AMAZONE range so as to achieve perfect reconsolidation. 

Combination with the GreenDrill seeder box for the simultaneous sowing of fine seeds and catch crops is available as an option. Application is provided via baffle plates in front of the following roller.

New at the Agritechnica 2023: Catros+ 03 compact disc harrows

AMAZONE Catros+ 5003-2 for stubble cultivation
AMAZONE Catros+ 5003-2 for stubble cultivation