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Das Scharsystem „ConTeC pro“ (1)ConTeC-pro-Schar_002_d1_170116

The “ConTeC pro” coulter system

ConTeC pro coulter

  1. Precise working depth adjustment
  2. Air diffuser
  3. Packer wheel
  4. Chisel coulter

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ConTeC pro tine coulters

AMAZONE relies on individually depth-guided ConTeC pro coulters in the Condor. Two points with 50° and 68° are available for the tine coulter. The point with a 68° angle of attack ensures the best penetration into the soil for most soils, thereby ensuring that the placement depth is safely reached. The flat point with a 50° angle of attack is used on very hard soils.

The benefits

  • Less soil movement when opening the seed furrow, in order to preserve soil moisture
  • Production of more fine soil, in order to provide optimum soil / seed contact
  • Effective clearance of the seed furrow, so that any hair-pinning effect, i.e. the pressing in of the straw into the seed furrow, is avoided
  • Exact longitudinal contour following of the ConTeC pro coulters via the trailing packer wheels
  • Optimum soil contact and reconsolidation in dry regions
  • There is a choice of four packer wheels for a wide variety of applications and soil conditions
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Zinkenschare ConTeC pro HD für lange Lebensdauer (1) ConTec_seite_d1_170104

ConTeC pro HD tine coulters for a long service life

  • Hard-faced HD plate for the 68 degree coulter
  • Extra hardened variant for difficult sowing conditions
  • Long service life of the points as a result of hard metal alloy on the front

Each coulter row is provided with its own hydraulic cylinder on each half of the machine. This rotates the coulter bar, thereby applying pressure to the coulters. In this way a coulter pressure of up to 120 kg is achieved at the tine tip.

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The different packer wheel profiles

  1. Air filled wheel
    The air filled wheel is suitable for a large variety of operational conditions. By the flex in the tyre it is kept free from wet soil. Under dry conditions, it provides a reliable reconsolidation of the soil.
  2. Fully foam-filled wheel – round profile
    Due to its robust design, this wheel is ideally suited for use in extremely dry conditions and where harsh stubbles prevail. Burst tyres and cost-intensive down times are no longer a potential risk. The hard wheel provides optimum reconsolidation of the seed furrow.
  3. Fully foam-filled wheel – triangular profile
    Due to its wedge shape, this wheel provides the maximum contact pressure in especially dry conditions and on light soils. Its robustness pays off especially when sowing in harsh stubbles.
  4. Semi-pneumatic wheel
    This tyre is indeed the real all-rounder. Its thick rubber wall makes it extremely resistant against even the harshest of stubbles. Under dry conditions, this tyre achieves a very good reconsolidation. The air chamber provides this tyre with a very good flexibility preventing the sticking of wet soil on the wheel.
  5. V press wheels
    V press wheels are particularly suitable for the sowing of crops that need a shallow placement depth, such as rape. In addition, targeted reconsolidation can be used reliably to close the furrow to the left and right of the sowing. Under mulch sowing conditions, we also reduce the covering of rows.
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Präzise Ablagetiefe (1) Condor_Saat_001_d1_091008

Precise placement depth

The new working depth adjustment of the ConTeC pro coulter system guarantees the utmost comfort and precision when setting the sowing depth. Thanks to the modern tool-less adjustment of the sowing depth, the placement depth of all the coulters can be changed in a short time.

The benefits

  • Precise and simple adjustment of the sowing depth from 0 to 10 cm
  • Quickest possible adjustment to different seed types and weather conditions
  • Easy adjustment of the placement depth depending on the moisture horizon of the soil
  • A larger sowing time frame as a result of the flexible possibilities for adjustment of the coulter

  1. Dry ground
  2. Wet ground
  3. Working depth
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Perfect contour following

The ConTeC pro coulter achieves perfect ground adaptation through its simple yet ingenious construction without the need for the usual hydraulic cylinder on every coulter. The flexible connection between the frame sections and the coulter is achieved via the proven sprung rubber buffer blocks.

The benefits

  • Compensation in ground undulations of up to 65 cm with sowing depth maintained
  • Low incidence of failure
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the coulter pressure
  • Very high coulter pressure of up to 120 kg
  • Blockage-free operation owing to the large spacing between the coulters of 25 cm and the frame height of 80 cm

  1. Coverage depth
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Optionaler Luftabscheider für das ConTeC pro-Schar (1) ConTeC-pro-Schar_003_d1_170116

Optional air diffuser for the ConTeC pro coulter

  • Superfluous air is released at the end of the seed conveying pipe before the furrow bottom
  • Prevents fine seeds from easily being blown out of the seed furrow
  • Flexible choice of the revs and therefore less readjustment when changing seed
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Condor is available in either 25 cm or 31.3/33.3 cm row spacing

Condor for increased efficiency
The method of tillage can now be matched to the prevailing conditions of an individual region even more precisely with the Condor trailed seed drill.

Row width 25 cm
Row widths of 25 cm are ideal in the more moist steppe regions.

  • Higher seed rates possible
  • Plant distribution and higher water availability provide the optimum conditions for growth and minimise competition within the row
  • Mechanical weed control possible on 25 cm row spacing

Row width 31.3/33.3 cm
Row widths of 31.3/33.3 cm are recommended for very dry conditions.

  • Lower seed rates with a large row spacing result in extremely vital single plants
  • A maximum amount of water is available to plants
  • Effective minimisation of the risk of early stress ripening and considerable losses in yield
  • A reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in work rates thanks to the higher working speeds

  1. Row width 25 cm
  2. Row width 31.33/33.3 cm
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Präzise in der Rapssaat (1) Rapssaat_001_IMG_0634_d1_201109

Precise for sowing rape

The establishment of rape in high continental regions primarily depends on the sowing system. Precise seed placement is of vital importance owing to a short and dry growing season. Precise placement of the seed is possible with the individually depth-guided ConTeC pro coulters. Apart from the placement depth, the optimum seed rate plays a key role in rape establishment. Low seed rates promote the development of the individual plants and reduces the risk of the yield being decimated through premature and stress ripening. The stepless Vario gearbox enables seed to be precisely metered at rates as low as 2 kg/ha. Precise lateral distribution over the complete working width enables crops to be sown particularly evenly.

Field trials in dry regions demonstrate higher yields for rape and wheat in row widths of 31.3/33.3 cm and the same yields in wet years as in the case of a row spacing of 25 cm.

  • Reduction in use of inputs, such as seed and fertiliser
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