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Condor – für die Direktsaat (1) Raps_d1_150113

Condor – for direct sowing

The concept – for extensive farming systems
The AMAZONE Condor is the ideal machine for operation in arable farming systems where there has been a minimum of prior soil tillage or just direct sowing. Particularly in large arable areas, where time and soil moisture are the limiting factors, the Condor stands for high work rates, precision and water conservation. The low pulling power requirement in relation to its working width helps significantly in reducing the financial costs in these most extensive of arable farming systems.

The benefits:

  • Minimum ground disturbance
  • Fertiliser applied with the seed. Seed placed at an optimum depth below the straw and in the appropriate reconsolidation
  • Extremely wide variety of crops can be sown
  • Huge cost reduction

  1. Millet
  2. Winter wheat
  3. Spring rape following spring wheat
  4. Spring wheat following spring rape
  5. Catch crop mixture
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System und Einsatzbedingungen (1) Condor_15001_001_d1_170116

System and operational conditions

When using reduced mulch sowing or direct sowing methods, it is important in both cases that the fertiliser is placed in the ground below the crop residues in order to prevent losses due to gaseous emission, especially in times when fertiliser costs are rising. Scientific trials in Regina, Canada and Samara, Russia show that with this method it is possible to apply 30 kg/ha of pure N when sowing wheat and approximately 25 kg/ha when sowing rape. In the very dry and continental conditions in Canada and the Eurasian Steppe, where the potential yield is relatively low, this quantity is often completely sufficient for the usual spring cropping.

Thanks to the technical features of the Condor as described, it is ideal when used for direct sowing on large-sized farms. The coulter is only 12 mm wide and thus moves only as much soil as is absolutely necessary for optimum seed placement under the straw. This not only prevents ground water loss but also lowers the tractive power requirement and fuel consumption. 220 hp was sufficient tractor output for the Condor 12001 in extensive tests under true working conditions. On average, the spectacular figure of only 2.7 litres of diesel per hectare was recorded with the Condor 15001. Also under working conditions, the Condor 15001 was able to achieve a daily work rate in 13 hours of 150 hectares at a working speed of 8 to 10 km/h.

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Schlagkraft PUR (1) Condor_12001-C_d0_lg_7857_a_d1_170116

PURE performance

Fast and effective - not only on the field
Switching between the transport position (3 m transport width) and the extended working position (up to 15 m working width) is achieved quickly and reliably. Equipped with air brakes, the trailed seed drill is quick on the road with a permissible speed of 40 km/h. (Please be aware of national road traffic regulations!)

  • Folding concept with a working width of up to 15 m down to a transport width of just 3 m. This means that reversing is also no longer a problem.
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Komfort ist Trumpf! (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_6543_d1_171009

Comfort comes up trumps!

Comfortable settings centre on the front left-hand side
The settings centre at the front of the machine makes the machine very easy to set up. The large pressure gauges on the front of the Condor mean that all the important hydraulic functions and the internal tank pressure are always in view.

The benefits:

  • Very comfortable machine setting on the front left-hand side of the machine
  • Safe access via a sturdy aluminium ladder and large platform
  • Integrated hand wash tank and soap dispenser
  • Practical hose rail for storing the hydraulic hoses
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Optimal platzierter Behälter (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_6543_d1_171009

Optimally placed hopper – convenient and fast filling

The seed hopper is placed right at the front of the drawbar and transfers additional weight to the tractor rear axle. This improves traction. The 7,800 l multi-chamber hopper can be easily filled from big bags, front end loaders or transfer trailers.

In addition, a robust aluminium ladder and a large platform provide safe access to the hopper for easy filling.

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Optimierte Technik für die „Gelben Riesen“ (1) Condor_Kirovez_002_d1_170116

Optimised technology for the “Yellow Giants”

For many decades on farms in the CIS states the “Yellow Giants” are the standard tractors for multiple operations on the farm and in the field. AMAZONE offers the possibility to operate ultra-modern sowing technology alongside these available powerful and robust tractors. Measurements prove an effective fuel consumption of 4 l/ha for a K700A combined with a Condor 12 m. This is just 1 l/ha more than is achieved with a modern imported tractor! This eliminates the financial pressure of having to buy a new tractor for the new seed drill.

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Bordhydraulik – Für alle Fälle gerüstet (1) Kirovez_Aufsteckpumpe_001_d0_20131107

On-board hydraulic system – ready for every eventuality

As an option, AMAZONE offers an on-board hydraulic system with an oil tank on the seed drill and a separate hydraulic pump, in order to ensure that the oil pressure is sufficiently high and an appropriate amount of oil is available to the hydraulic blower fan when it is used behind tractors with a poor hydraulic capacity. AMAZONE offers a variety of clip-on pumps for a wide range of tractors, meaning that a solution is possible for virtually every tractor.

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