Sep 12, 2023

The new Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill

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Cultivator drill for large-scale farms and contractors 

The new Cirrus 04 trailed cultivator drill Precise – Flexible – Efficient
The new Cirrus 04 trailed cultivator drill Precise – Flexible – Efficient

AMAZONE has extended its large area seed drill range with the new Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill. The machine is offered in a working width of 9 m and a row spacing of 16.6 cm. 

At first glance, the seed drill stands out due to its striking design. This is largely determined by the large seed hopper and the distinctive distributor head.

Designed for solving current and future challenges in agriculture, the machine is characterised by its precise, flexible and efficient operation. Due to its easy adaptability to various field management concepts, it opens the door to future arable farming. 

Solutions for an efficient method of cultivation


As standard, the Cirrus 9004-2C Grand is equipped with a twin-chamber hopper, which is split in a ratio of 60 : 40. The total hopper capacity, which is optimised for big bags and has sufficient overcapacity, is 5,750 l. The overcapacity means that it can be filled when convenient. The hopper can always accommodate the entire contents of a big bag, even with large residual amounts. This simplifies seed logistics, since the time of filling can be selected more flexibly. 

The twin-chamber hopper enables the separate metering of different types of seeds or fertiliser. The two hopper chambers can be filled with just one material, if required, for maximum output. Exact distribution is guaranteed by the pressurised hopper system with its high-performance conveying system. Up to 400 kg/ha can be efficiently applied at a working speed of 15 km/h. Furthermore, the low power requirement of the blower fan underlines the enormous efficiency of the machine. A TwinTerminal can be used for the simple and precise calibration of the metering unit.

The loading reach can be considerably reduced by half-side folding during loading, in order to enable the machine to be loaded via smaller telescopic loaders. 

Flexibility for versatile farming

Half-side folding during loading considerably reduces the loading reach
Half-side folding during loading considerably reduces the loading reach and also allows the machine to be filled via small telescopic loaders

In general, the materials metered from both hopper chambers are embedded at one placement depth in the seed furrow by the same conveying system using the single-shoot process. 

In this respect, the new distributor head provides excellent lateral distribution. The single row shut-off ensures high sustainability via a reduction in the use of seed and fertiliser. Extremely vigorous crops develop as a result of the spot-accurate shut-off, especially in the overlap zones, since no areas are double sown. Overlaps are restricted to less than 1 % of the area with this system. 

The distributor head can be easily tailored to any symmetrical and asymmetrical tramline systems as well as track widths and tyre widths via the ISOBUS terminal, in order to create a tramline. Mechanical intervention is not required. 

If single rows are closed, the rotational speed of the metering units is reduced. The excess seed circulates in the seed return, while the air continues to escape towards the sowing coulter. The air pressure in the seed delivery lines therefore remains constant. This prevents seeds from being blown out of the furrow. At the same time, there is always a sufficient quantity of seed in the distributor head. This is charged immediately after the machine has been lowered. Uninterrupted application of the products without pre-metering is guaranteed right down to the last corner of the field.

Precision over the entire width 

The working width of 9 m and high working speeds permit efficient use of the machine
The working width of 9 m and high working speeds permit efficient use of the machine

Precise depth placement is required for even field emergence. The TwinTeC plus double disc coulter impresses due to the large disc diameter and a coulter pressure of up to 100 kg. The coulters are characterised by their smooth running, even at high forward speeds. The combination of coulter profile and coulter pressure is the key to a consistent quality of work and high productivity.

The electro-hydraulic remote control of the coulter pressure and the sowing depth allows easy adjustment to varying soil conditions. The user-friendly adjustment is provided from the cab via an ISOBUS terminal. Turning crank handles or inserting clips is a thing of the past. The improved adjustment means that changeable soil conditions can be quickly responded to with the positive effect of uniform crops across the full working width. 

Perfect growth conditions for the plants

AMAZONE‘s successful concept of reconsolidation in strips has also been incorporated in the Cirrus 04. The principle is also known as the "sowing insurance" and has been gaining ground since 2004. The Matrix profile tyres only reconsolidate in strips where the seed will subsequently be placed in the soil. The intermediate zones are reconsolidated less heavily. This promotes the optimum gaseous exchange and allows rainwater to quickly permeate into the soil.

The combination of a high tyre diameter and cross ribs on the profile enables a good self-driving effect and makes the machine easy to pull.

The tyre packer is mounted offset, and together with the leading ridge levellers, creates a level seedbed. In addition, the risk of a stone blockage is reduced to a minimum, which has a positive effect on operational reliability.

Changing soil conditions can be quickly responded to via the remotely-adjustable seedbed preparation tools. Large clearances promote a smooth soil flow, in order to create an optimum seedbed on all soils irrespective of the location.

Comfortable on the move

The manoeuvrability of the machine plays a key role in the quick sowing of headlands, wedge-shaped fields as well as small and irregularly shaped fields. The independent suspension allows the Cirrus 9004-2C Grand to be pulled around curves and manoeuvred in field corners with minimal effort. In this respect, each wheel turns independently of the others and can flexibly adjust the running speed and direction with a turning angle of up to 90°. This low-stress turning process protects the machine from excessive load and wear. Furthermore, the soil is prevented from bulldozing when negotiating bends. Consistent seedbed quality and maximum soil structure protection are ensured.

The large volume of the tyre packer wheel provides comfort when driving on the road. Any rocking at 40 km/h is prevented, since the machine runs on only 4 wheels. The high carrying capacity of the wheels allows the middle pair of wheels to be lifted up between the 4 transport wheels. 

Safe on the road at up to 40 km/h
Safe on the road at up to 40 km/h

A flexible connected implement in combination

The new Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill

If required, the tractor track can be loosened with the wheel mark eradicators which are mounted on an intermediate frame between the drill and tractor. The wheel mark eradicators loosen but do not mix. The soil-engaging parts are hydraulically swivelled up when driving on headlands. The wheel mark eradicator can be used in combination with the leading tyre packer.

Combination with a wide variety of implements for seedbed preparation is also possible, e.g. with a Catros compact disc harrow. 


  • Distributor head with individual row shut-off
  • Large hopper capacity optimised for big bags
  • User-friendly, electro-hydraulic adjustment of the sowing depth and the coulter pressure via ISOBUS terminal
  • Strip-wise reconsolidation for higher field emergence and more uniform crops

The new Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill