DirectInject direct feed system

The UX Super trailed sprayers with tank capacities of 4,200 l, 5,200 l, 6,200 l, 7,600 l, 8,600 l and 11,200 l are characterised by an extremely comfortable handling concept. The Super-L2 and Super-L3 sprayer booms, in widths from 21 to 42 m, impress with their first-class boom guidance. The UX Super trailed sprayer provides maximum efficiency combined with maximum effectiveness thanks to the high-performance equipment options.


AmaSelect individual nozzle control

AmaSelect – For precise and automatic switching in 50 cm part-width sections

The AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control consists of a 4-fold nozzle body with electric activation and deactivation and additional switch-over of the nozzles. In addition to the 50 cm part-width section, the system offers electrical switching between the four mounted nozzles via the operator terminal. This provides the option of changing over to a larger nozzle or switching on a second nozzle, for example, when leaving the optimum pressure range of a nozzle.


Apart from the 50 cm nozzle spacing, AmaSelect can provide a true 25 cm nozzle spacing. In combination with special 80° nozzles, this offers the advantage of reducing the target surface distance to less than 50 cm, thereby minimising drift during application. The driver can switch between 50 and 25 cm nozzle spacing during the application.

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The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Up to 84 part-width sections with 50 cm spacing
  • Optimum automatic adjustment of the nozzle size to variable forward speeds and application rates
  • Flexible switching of nozzles from the cab in variable weather conditions or between the field boundary and interior of the field
  • Freely programmable part-width sections
  • DUS pro high-pressure circulation system – the right concentration available immediately
  • With LED individual nozzle lighting for the perfect spray fan illumination
  • Time saving and more comfort for the driver
  • Extremely wide range of application without any conversion work


Designing sustainably, acting responsibly

Sustainability is a much-used term today. At AMAZONE, we understand sustainability as "active responsibility for the future". This way of thinking determines our long-term actions. It is our aim to operate efficiently, precisely and in an environmentally...


Solar power systems

Our solar power systems enable us to use large roof areas to generate electricity for our own consumption.