Precise switch on and off points for seed and fertiliser - MultiSwitch and MultiBoom

Whether used for conventional or mulch sowing, the Precea precision air seeder is characterised in particular by its very precise placement, high output and comfortable operability. The first-class singling and fertiliser metering system is convincing even at forward speeds of up to 15 km/h. The various frame concepts ensure the maximum flexibility.

MultiBoom – individual switchpoints for seed, fertiliser and micro-granules

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Two or three materials are individually metered via different metering units and delivered at separate entry points enabling the simultaneous application of different materials. Since the fertiliser coulter runs in front of the sowing coulter, the two metering units have to be switched at staggered intervals via GPS-Switch pro, in order to prevent overlaps or misses on the headland. The MultiBoom function automatically switches each metered material on and off at the headland with a time delay, in order to achieve optimum switch-on and switch-off points. If a micro-granular applicator is present, this can also be controlled on the basis of time.


The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Precise switch on and off points in the field for each metered material – irrespective of the conveying system and product characteristics
  • Prevention of overlaps and misses for fertiliser and seed
  • More uniform plant growth


Maximum precision at the headland for each medium

MultiSwitch – Individual row shut-off for the seed and fertiliser

Together with the GPS-Switch software licence, AmaTron 4 enables individual row shut-off both for the seed and the fertiliser

Precise switch-on and switch-off points are very important, in order to avoid over- or under-sowing in critical areas such as on the headland. The individual row shut-off of the Precea, combined with the GPS-Switch software licence in the AmaTron 4 operator terminal, provides precise placement. This allows the control of each row and switch it off or on individually. On the one hand, this saves seed, as fewer overlaps occur, and on the other hand, gaps where weeds can spread are prevented.

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If fertiliser is to be simultaneously applied with the seed, you can also automatically switch the fertiliser on and off in single rows via GPS-Switch. This optimises fertiliser use and ensures
even ripening on the headland.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Reduction in fertiliser and seed costs
  • Optimisation of the yield while taking environmental regulations into account
  • Less strain on the driver


Reduction in the use of seed and fertiliser

Savings potential for various working widths 


Precea Performance Tour - what the end users say

To date, AMAZONE has followed 30 farmers and contractors during the use of their AMAZONE Precea precision air seeders, as part of its Europe-wide Precea Performance Tour.

During the tour, the Precea has demonstrated its wide-ranging scope of application in a total of 13 countries.


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