Shallow soil disturbance – Intensive mixing 

The Cobra is a 6-stagger, shallow cultivator in working widths of 6 m and 7 m and offers a multitude of applications. It is the all-rounder for shallow soil tillage from catch crop destruction and shallow stubble cultivation to seedbed preparation. Due to the wide range of pre-working tools, shares and rollers, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions.

Why use a shallow cultivator?

Cobra 6000-2TX with knife roller

Due to increasing requirements for field hygiene and more attention to ground water conservation, shallow soil tillage is becoming increasingly important. Weed seeds and volunteer grains need to be kept near the soil surface, while germinated plants are completely cut off at the root. Full-surface, light soil movement not only fights weeds, but also disrupts negative water capillary action near the surface. This allows valuable ground water to be preserved for the subsequent crop.

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The Cobra cultivator is not only ideal for mechanical weed control, it can also be used on the farm all year round. It is easy to pull and therefore saves fuel during that shallow stubble cultivation, the second or third deeper tillage pass, catch crop destruction and seedbed preparation.

ECO leaf-spring tines

A large amount of fine soil is produced in the mix by the vibration of the ECO leaf-spring tines. This provides optimum germination conditions, so that volunteer cereals and weed seeds establish well, meaning that they can be combated mechanically in the next working pass. The high proportion of fine soil also has a very positive effect on seedbed preparation. 

Exact depth control

The exact depth of the Cobra is adjusted via the following rollers and the over-sized support wheels. These are integrated in the tine element to provide better matching to the topography of the terrain. If only a double harrow is used without a following roller, depth control is carried out via the transport wheels in addition to the front support wheels.



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