Designing sustainably, acting responsibly

Sustainability is active responsibility for the future

Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer

Sustainability is a much-used term today. At AMAZONE, we understand sustainability as "active responsibility for the future". This way of thinking determines our long-term actions. Our aim is to operate efficiently, precisely and in an environmentally friendly way and to meet the economic and social requirements - both today and in the future for the benefit of future

With a history going back more than 135 years and 2,500 employees at the present time, the AMAZONE Group stands for sustainability in several ways: for a sustainable strategy in our own company, for sustainable progress in agricultural technology and for our enduring social commitment.

As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, AMAZONE is aware of its responsibility to provide machinery and processes for “intelligent crop production” for the agricultural sector throughout the world which enable farmers and contractors to work as efficiently and sustainably as possible. In this way, we all make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the world's population is fed today and in the future.

In our plants and in our supply chain, we are aware of our responsibility to organise our production in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Our aim is to make continuous progress in this regard.

Beyond the bounds of our company, we wish to create additional benefits for society by supporting social projects both nationally and internationally.

Sustainable goals can only be achieved collectively - together with our employees, our suppliers, our distributors and our customers. This is what we intend to work on, and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you, in order to get even closer to these goals in the future.

Guidelines for our sustainability strategy

Guidelines for our sustainability strategy

We work on all stages of our value chain, in order to live up to our responsibility for the environment and society. We integrate sustainability in our company. 

Our work should create a common benefit for AMAZONE and for society. In doing so, we focus
on the following topics:

  1. Our products and our environment

We offer machines, digital solutions and services for precision agriculture which are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Continuous innovation protects the environment and reduces costs.

  1. Our supply chain and production

The highest quality standards, an economical and environmentally friendly production and a cooperative partnership with our suppliers form the basis for our products.

  1. Our customers

We are a reliable partner for our customers and are constantly striving to develop innovative solutions which enable them to work more economically and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Our employees

We offer our employees attractive and motivating working conditions.

  1. Our society

As part of the national and international community, we actively participate in the further development of society.