Erosion prevention decree ready!

After the introduction of the EU-wide Erosion Prevention Decree on July 1st, 2010, row crops, such as maize, when grown in fields where there is a risk of water erosion, such as soils in the CCWasser 2 water hazard class, may only be grown in row widths of less than 45 cm where the prior soil tillage was with the plough. Here the EDX precision air seeder range offers a suitable solution.

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Narrow sowing in discussion

When sowing maize with narrow row spacings below 75 cm the plants develop better in early growth in specific conditions. However, now the precision sowing of rape with row spacings of 37.5 or 44.9 cm (45 cm) is discussed. Here also, AMAZONE offers the perfect solution.

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Traktorspurlockerer (1) EDX_Traktorspurlockerer_001_d2_20170127

Tractor wheel mark eradicators

For operation on heavy soils, tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense to loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres. The high-quality spring tine eradicator is equipped with a tensioning spring. Via the interchangeable choice of either wing share or narrow share, flexible application is possible.

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Sämaschinen-Spurlockerer (1) Cataya-3000_d0_kw_3213_d2_170124

Seed drill wheel mark eradicators

Again when operating on compaction sensitive soils, the optional seed drill wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres of the seed drill. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Depending on soil type and implementation of the machine, the wheel mark eradicators can be equipped with different wear points. Overload protection ensures a constant trip force in all positions.

  1. Narrow share
  2. Diamond share
  3. Wing share
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On-board hydraulics

On the EDX 6000-TC, the possibility exists to use a PTO shaft driven, on-board hydraulic system for the blower fan instead of the spool valve of the tractor. This is particularly attractive when the output of tractor’s hydraulic system is too low and it may not be able to provide an adequate supply to the machine.

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In-cab control of the Vario gearbox

The remote adjustment of the Vario gearbox offers the possibility of increasing the fertiliser application rate electronically via the AMATRON 3 without leaving the tractor cab.

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Weighing system for the EDX 6000-TC

The weighing system for the EDX 6000-TC shows on the display the actual quantity left in the fertiliser hopper and can be used to monitor the total quantity of fertiliser used. Also available as an option, for simpler documentation and invoicing, a printer can be installed in the tractor cab.

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Transportbox (1) EDX_dosiertbox_001_d2_121105


Carrying box for a second singling drum

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Judgement in practice

So urteilt die Praxis (1) EDX_S11.1_Joerg_Dreessen
Jörg Dreeßen, Agricultural contractor Jörg Dreeßen, Bargenstedt/Germany

Testimonial EDX 6000-TC

Agricultural contractor Jörg Dreeßen is very satisfied with his EDX. With field sizes characterised by awkward and wedge shapes and an average size of just 5 ha the EDX 6000-TC behind a 200 HP tractor manages up to 4 ha per hour. “The output increase is one thing and the other is less tractor and manpower costs. Because we manage more acreage due to the higher speeds this machine is an enormous improvement.”

Additional points which contribute to the output increase the agricultural contractor mentions: "You only have one seed box to fill. Loading fertilizer has also become easier. The calibration of the fertiliser rate is quicker and above all more accurate. The monitoring of the placement accuracy and the stripper adjustment can be done now via the monitor keys.”

So urteilt die Praxis (2) EDX_S13.3_Ulf_Wrase
Ulf Wrase Osterhuber Agrar GmbH

Osterhuber Agrar GmbH, Wilhelmsburg, Germany

At Osterhuber Agrar GmbH during the maize campaign 2010, which only lasted 10 days, the two EDX 9000-TC each managed 1,100 ha. That was – in two shifts – daily more than 100 ha per machine. The peak outputs per hour were approx. 6.7 ha. Ulf Warse, Head of Crop Production, says: "That’s what we did in previous years with 5 machines, each with a 9 m working width and we did it this year with 2.5 machines. And we have not been slower. At the same time we completely saved one man and the work of the agricultural contractors who assisted us in the previous years. These savings are really huge!”

So urteilt die Praxis (3) EDX_S13.1_Wilfried_Foerster
Wilfried Förster, Agricultural contractor Gebr. Groß

Agricultural contractor Gebr. Groß, Löningen/Germany

The agricultural contractor Gebr. Groß used two EDX 9000-TCs in 2010. Although the fields in the Oldenburg Münsterland region are relatively small, work rates including setting up the machines, such as changing varieties and refilling amounted to 5 ha/hour meaning daily outputs of between 50 and 80 ha/machine. With approximately 1,000 ha in the season per machine it was more than double that previously achieved using conventional seeding technology. “We manage twice as much, however we only need one machine, one tractor and one driver,” says Willfried Förster from the agricultural contractor Gebr. Groß.

So urteilt die Praxis (4) EDX_S13.2_Landwirt_Leroux
Mr. Leroux “Scea du Trounquet“

"Scea du Trounquet” family farm, south-west France

“The EDX 9000-TC behind a 200 HP tractor enabled us to double the acreage outputs up to 9 ha per hour,” Mr. Leroux reported. After two years of operation, for him the EDX is clear proof that it is no longer necessary to drive slowly to achieve a precise seed placement. Double the work rate, a decrease in unproductive periods – with this result Mr. Leroux is very satisfied.

So urteilt die Praxis (5) EDX_Praxisbericht_S.Anatoljewitch_CMS
«Partner» GmbH, Kozhanov Sergey Anatoljewitch

«Partner» GmbH Company – Kozhanov Sergey Anatoljewitch, Russia

Specialising in arable farming and animal production, the business farms an area of about 21,000 ha, split into 50 % wheat and 25 % sunflowers, maize, peas and the rest silage ground. On the farm will operate two EDX 9000-TC precision single seeders. “Through well organised working routines, the seeders are capable of up to 200 ha per day, which means per season over 3,000 ha of sunflowers. One of the biggest advantages over other maize drills is the vastly shorter fill times. With conventional precision seeders this takes forever, whereas with the EDX there are just three fill points at each stop. Everything is so very simple. Even with these high output rates, the quality of work remains good. The most important plus point with the EDX is the uniform emergence. That naturally improves the yield.“

So urteilt die Praxis (6) EDX_Praxisbericht_A.Sajzew
Anatolij Sajzew, Sajzew

Sajzew Company, Anatolij Sajzew, Russia

Up to now, the Sajzew company is growing wheat, maize and peas. And since 2011 there has been an EDX 9000 TC on the farm, “Per day we are covering about 250 ha, however, much depends on the driver. The set-up is very easy, in spite of the fact that we missed attending the service school“. According to Anatolij, the advantages of the EDX include the sowing quality, the seed placement and the low number of filling operations. "I’m very satisfied with the seed drill and will recommend it to others. There were no problems," says Anatolij.

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