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Fertiliser hopper with extra capacity

Also the fertiliser hoppers, with capacities of up to 5,000 l (EDX 9000-TC), offer much volume. So, also the time wasted during the refilling of fertiliser or the driving time back to fill up are reduced to a minimum. On all the machines, the fertiliser is delivered via one metering roller in the bottom of the supply hopper and then blown pneumatically back via either one or two distributor heads down to the fertiliser coulters.

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Micro plus granular applicator for EDX 6000-TC precision seeder

For the EDX 6000-TC, AMAZONE offers the possibility of up to two pneumatic micro-granular applicators. So, in one pass, up to two different micro-granules can be applied with the seed. The advantage of the AMAZONE Micro plus is that all the rows are fed from one common tank, optimising the fill time. The electric drive and the simple change of the metering cassettes offer a significant comfort for the adjustment of the desired application rate. The metering cassette which is included in the standard equipment of the Micro plus granular applicator covers a range from 4 to 15 kg/ha. In addition, for special applications, an optional metering cassette with a range of 2 to 7 kg/ha is offered. When using one micro-granular applicator, two delivery points can be specified from choice, either “directly into the seed furrow“ or “onto the closed seed furrow”. If two applicators are installed then both delivery points are utilised. For control of the Micro plus granular applicator, the AMADRILL+ in-cab control box or the comfortable AMATRON 3 terminal are available. Thanks to the integrated control via AMATRON 3, a cost reduction for the terminal purchase results and less space in the tractor cab is necessary.   .

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So functions the Xpress system

Instead of the usual vacuum singling, on the EDX, the Xpress singling and placement system is used. Grain singling and grain placement are separated: By a pressurised system, the seed is kept on the move by the singling set-up and delivered via the seed tube for the precise placement in the seed furrow enabling operational speeds of up to 15 km/h to be achieved. AMAZONE offers two singling drums for each of the three cultures; maize, sunflowers and rape, so that, even with the differing properties (shape, size, etc.), the seeds can always be cleanly singled. The precise pneumatic singling of the seeds is performed, depending on machine model and row spacing, from 6 up to 16 rows simultaneously via the centralised singling drums (1). The stripper finger (2) adjustment for singling a grain to each of the holes in these drums is carried out centrally. After the singling process, the seeds are then “shot” via the seed barrels (3) into a separate placement zone, the so-called Xpress catcher system with furrow former (5) and catcher roller (6). Behind the two leading cutting discs (4) the furrow former (5) makes a furrow profile in a rectangular shape. The following catcher roller (6) covers right up to the edges of the furrow so that the seeds cannot roll out of position but are safely caught and pressed into the furrow even in unfavourable soil conditions. This ensures the optimum placement quality. As the catcher roller (6) is arranged neatly behind the furrow former (5) the placement quality remains constant even at increased forward speeds. Another advantage compared to a conventional precision air seeder is that the placement accuracy from the Xpress catcher system is now independent of the state of wear of the sowing coulters.

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Calibration within shortest time

Teamwork with the AMATRON 3 operator terminal means that the calibration test for checking the application rates of fertiliser is quickly done.

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In-cab control of the Vario gearbox

The remote adjustment of the Vario gearbox offers the possibility of increasing the fertiliser application rate electronically via the AMATRON 3 without leaving the tractor cab.

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Filling auger

Thanks to the large hopper openings the hoppers of the trailed EDX 6000-TC and 9000-TC can be easily filled. On request the machines can also be equipped with a filling auger. The mounted EDX 6000-2C with its integrated fertiliser hopper is equipped as standard with a filling auger.

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