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When starting a new job, the AMATRON 3 stores the applied seed and fertiliser rates, the size of the worked fields, the sowing time and the average work rate per hour.

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Calibration within shortest time

Teamwork with the AMATRON 3 operator terminal means that the calibration test for checking the application rates of fertiliser is quickly done.

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Top operational simplicity with AMATRON 3

Even the control of the EDX precision air seeders offers noticeably more comfort. Apart from the omprehensive monitoring, the machine‘s many functions can be operated comfortably and easily via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal. This is an additional relief of the strain on the driver. By the way, when the season is over, one can use the AMATRON 3 also for operating other AMAZONE equipment without any problem. Quick data input: Initially the machine and job specific data is entered via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal, for instance the setting of seed and fertiliser application rates. Also, during the sowing operation, one can change the seed rate or switch over the hydraulic functions. Extremely well informed: The display of the AMATRON 3 informs of the operational speed, the seed rates, the amount remaining in the seed and fertiliser hoppers or the remaining distance to run until the seed or fertiliser hoppers will be completely empty. Fill level sensors/warning alarm In order that one is kept fully informed, the seed and fertiliser hoppers are equipped each with one fill level sensor. As soon as the fill level in the seed or fertiliser hopper falls below the critical limits, an alarm is emitted and displayed.  

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Central coulter pressure adjustment

As standard, the pressure adjustment for fertiliser coulters and sowing units is carried out via the valve taps on the machine. Even more comfortable is the electric remote control, available as an optional extra, enabling to set the pressures via the AMATRON 3 terminal in the tractor cab.    

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