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Eine starke Familie stellt sich vor (1) Centaya3000Special_KE3002-190_d0_kw_P8193756_d1_221013

Centaya Special – compact and precise

  • Hopper capacity 1,000 l or 1,500 l 
  • Metering unit easily accessible for calibration 
  • RoTeC single disc coulter or TwinTeC special double disc coulter 
  • Combination with micro-granular applicator possible

Eine starke Familie stellt sich vor (2)Centaya3000Super_d0_kw_P9229907_d1_221014

Centaya Super – high-performing and comfortable operation

  • Hopper capacity 1,600 l or 2,000 l 
  • Comfortable and central calibration on the SmartCenter operator station 
  • RoTeC pro single disc coulter or TwinTeC double disc coulter 
  • Combination with front hopper, micro-granular applicator or catch crop seeder box possible

Eine starke Familie stellt sich vor (3) Centaya3000-C-Super_d0_kw_P2280773_d1_220307
Centaya-C Super – maximum flexibility

  • Divided hopper with a capacity of 2,000 l 
  • Comfortable and central calibration on the SmartCenter operator station 
  • RoTeC pro single disc coulter or TwinTeC double disc coulter with multiple delivery points 
  • Combination with front hopper, micro-granular applicator or catch crop seeder box possible

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Seedbed preparation and sowing – All from a single source!

Keep the flexibility 

The Centaya Special and Super harrow-mounted seed drills can be optionally combined with a KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrow, a KX Cultimix or KG Cultimix rotary cultivator or with the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow. 

With various models of roller available, it is possible to specify a complete unit of soil tillage tool and drill that are perfectly matched to the prevailing soil conditions.

Saatbettbereitung und Saat (1) KG3001-Special_d0_kw_P3070449_d1_181218
KG Cultimix rotary cultivator
Saatbettbereitung und Saat (1) KE3002-190_TRW500_d0_kw_P7273437_d1_220902
KE 3002-190 Rotamix rotary harrow

Saatbettbereitung und Saat (4) CombiDisc_KWM_d0_kw_P3200129_d1_211217
CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow for seedbed preparation

Saatbettbereitung und Saat (2) KE3002-240_Deutz_d0_kw_P4218728_d1_201110
KE 3002-240 Rotamix rotary harrow

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Mounted or demounted – clever, simple and flexible

Thanks to the QuickLink quick release coupling system on the Centaya harrow-mounted combination, the seed drill can be easily and quickly linked to the various AMAZONE soil tillage machines without the need for tools.

In this way, the most appropriate and versatile sowing combination can be put together to cope with the most diverse of soils and applications.

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Versatile roller range

... the right roller for any location

Walzen (1) Packerwalze_PW_d0_kw_P1042433_d1_190110
PW tooth packer roller/600 mm
Walzen (2) Trapezringwalze_TRW_d0_kw_3386_d1_190108
TRW trapezium roller/500 mm/600 mm

Walzen (3) Walze_KW_213011_d0_kw_P9143583_d1_170927
Wedge ring roller KW/580 mm
Walzen (4) Walze_KWM600_212984_d0_kw_P9143581_d1_170927
KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile/600 mm

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SUPER_Großvolumiger Saatgutbehälter (1) Centaya3000_Behaelter_d0_kw_PA054659_d1_221018_SUPER

Large-capacity seed hopper – Efficient, lightweight and highly effective!

Seed hopper

From choice, the Centaya Super can be specified with either a 1,600 l or with a 2,000 l seed hopper. Via the steps and loading board, the hopper, which is made from plastic, can be easily accessed from the left hand side of the machine. The drill is positioned well forward and thus offers an optimum centre of gravity close up to the tractor. The deep hopper tip and steep hopper walls reliably guide the seed corn down to the metering unit. Furthermore, this design means that only small residual volumes are left in the hopper.

The benefits: 

  • Large seed hopper with spacious hopper opening 
  • Optimum machine centre of gravity 
  • Convenient access, ideal also for filling with sacks or via a front end loader bucket
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Bequemes Befüllen_SUPER (1) Centaya3000FC_d0_kw_P8135493_d1_201110_SUPER

Comfortable filling

An especially wide loading board, accessible via folding rear steps, simplifies the filling of the seed drill. The very spacious 2.43 x 0.91 m hopper opening enables a quick and convenient filling, not just from big bags, front end loaders, but also via small sacks.

When filling via small sacks, the protective sieves in the seed hopper can be utilised as a loading aid. Extra sacks of seed can also be placed on the sieves and transported to the field.

Depending on seed and seed rate, the low level sensor can be height adjusted to suit so that the driver, at the desired contents level, receives a signal via the terminal.

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