Perfection for precision fertilisation: TS spreading system

Our aim is to distribute fertiliser even more precisely and tailor it to the needs of the plant. This "extra" precision also means that you use "less" fertiliser. In addition to the economic advantages, you take care of the environment.

Precision at large working widths: TS spreading system

The ZA-TS mounted spreader and the ZG-TS trailed spreader combined with the TS spreading system guarantee extremely precise spread patterns for working widths from 15 m to 54 m. The two high-output ISOBUS spreaders with the unique AutoTS border spreading system ensure excellent border spreading results even at larger working widths. The precision TS technology makes these fertiliser spreaders probably the most advanced in their class when it comes to getting your fertilisation right.

ZA-TS mounted spreader

ZG-TS trailed spreader

» TS spreader unit with delivery system adjustment


Perfection in every component, just like clockwork:

  • Wide throwing distance, double overlap even at 36 m
  • High application rates (up to 10.8 kg/s or 650 kg/min)
  • Electric agitator system with two slow-speed, fertiliser-protecting agitators rotating at 60 rpm

The basic function of the agitator consists in actively directing the fertiliser flow to the outlet opening, so that a constant amount of fertiliser can be applied. Any clumps of fertiliser which get through the screen are actively broken up by the guided agitator stars close to the bottom of the hopper, even at low application rates. If foreign objects reach the hopper tip and the agitator is overloaded, the electric motor reverses automatically in combination with the respective shutter and clears the fault. The perfect interplay of agitator and shutter is evident on the headland and in wedge shaped fields. As soon as a metering opening is completely closed, the agitator above it stops automatically. This protects precious fertiliser by preventing it from being crushed.

» GPS-Switch and DynamicSpread automatic part-width section control


Adjustment of the spread patterns is essential owing to the extremely large working width. The electric delivery system adjustment means that the TS spreading system is able to react sensitively in precisely these cases. Individual outlying part-width sections can therefore be controlled with ease. In addition to this, the throwing distance can be reduced by adjusting the speed from the outside to the centre on the left- and right-hand side, thereby enabling optimum spreading on long and flat wedge shaped fields and for short work, even at large working widths. This is referred to as part-width section control. In the simplest configuration, 8 part-width sections can be easily controlled manually (via the operator terminal). Up to 128 part-width sections can be controlled with the appropriate Section Control licence for the terminal. Individual outlying part-width sections can also be controlled with DynamicSpread.

» HeadlandControl


Different fertilisers have different switch-on and switch-off points. In practice, the switch-off points are usually only achieved when the tractor is turning on the headland. The arc of spread behind the tractor swings round to the side creating areas that are either over- or under-fertilised. The solution: When HeadlandControl is activated, the throwing width and spread rate are increased on the inner field side, so that the switch-off point is moved towards the inside of the field. Furthermore, the new part-width section control, which is now adapted to the shape of the spread fan, causes the part-width sections to be switched off from the outside to the inside when entering the headland. Over- and under-fertilised zones on the headland are subsequently avoided.

» AutoTS disc integrated border spreading system

The various border spreading techniques - side, border and water course spreading - can be easily activated from the cab independently to each side via the terminal by means of the AutoTS disc-integrated border spreading system. An actuator turns the delivery vane by approx. 10 °, so that the fertiliser is guided via the shorter border spreading vane in border and water course spreading. The combination of speed and using the shorter vane means that the fertiliser is thrown a considerably shorter distance without stressing it mechanically. Use our Border Spreading Calculator to calculate your personal yield advantage with Auto-TS. 

AutoTS – position for normal spreading
AutoTS –position of the delivery vane during boundary spreading

» ArgusTwin


The ArgusTwin system always ensures optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser via permanent online monitoring and correction of the delivery system. This increases fertiliser efficiency and is the basis for optimum crop management. The spread fan acquisition in the Argus system is based on measuring the lateral distribution by means of radar technology which is insensitive to dust and dirt and delivers reliable results under practical conditions. ArgusTwin monitors both the left- and right-hand spread fan and corrects the electric delivery system if necessary.

» WindControl

ZG-TS trailed spreader

WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) enables the influence of the wind on the spread pattern to be constantly monitored and automatically compensated for by means of a wind sensor. This means that an optimum spread pattern can be created, even in challenging wind conditions. In this respect, a high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine measures the wind speed and wind direction. In conjunction with information from ArgusTwin, the job computer uses this data to calculate new setting values for the delivery system and spreading disc speed. If there is a side wind, the speed of the side facing the wind is increased and the delivery system is turned outwards. At the same time, the speed of the side facing away from the wind is reduced and the delivery system is turned inwards.

» Profis weighing technology

Profis Wiegetechnik (1)
ZA-TS mounted spreader

The weighing system offers controlled comfort as well as peace of mind. It works on-line to determine the different characteristics of the material to be spread via two 200 Hz weigh cells with the highest degree of measuring accuracy. It automatically compares the actual applied rate with the pre-determined rate. Deviations in flow behaviour, such as, for example with blended mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader automatically re-adjusts via the electric metering slides. The quantity applied is also precisely documented for the purpose of site-specific nutritional application. The application rate can be changed at the touch of a button via the ISOBUS terminal to provide a balanced nutrient supply.

» Profis weighing technology with FlowCheck

ZA-TS Hydro with FlowCheck sensors
With FlowCheck, AMAZONE offers a system which permanently monitors the outlet openings for blockages and emptying of the spreader unit. The total application rate of the spreader is monitored and controlled via the weighing system while FlowCheck ensures that the application rate is the same on both sides or informs the driver in case of deviations. In addition to this, the weighing system always displays the actual fill level in the hopper for the driver.

  1. ZA-TS Hydro – hydraulic spreading disc drive with the optional FlowCheck
  2. FlowCheck sensors in the hydraulic circuit

» ProfisPro weighing technology with FlowControl

Visualisierung ProfisPro_de
ProfisPro: Perfect combination of the Profis weighing system and the FlowControl torque measuring system

ProfisPro combines the advantages of the weighing system with the FlowControl torque monitoring system: In addition to weighing, the quantity to each side is controlled by measuring the torques at the spreading disc. This guarantees a precise seed rate from the first second. Moreover, the ProfisPro spreader is equipped with independent high-speed monitoring and control of the two outlet openings. 

» AmaTron 4 operator terminal


With the new AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and its 8" multi-touch colour display, AMAZONE has developed an ISOBUS terminal where comfortable fertilisation is a matter of course. 12 switch areas on the touch display and another 12 soft keys allow intuitive operation in the day-night mode.

  • GPS-Switch basic: Automatic part-width section control with up to 16 part-width sections, creation of a virtual headland
  • GPS-Switch pro: Automatic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections, marking of obstructions (e.g. water hole, pylon)
  • GPS-Maps&Doc: Documentation and the processing of application maps is easy and precise
  • GPS-Track: Parallel tracking aid for easier driving
  • Use of on-line N-sensor technology for part-area, site-specific fertilisation enabling needs-based plant nutrition

» Screen Enhancement AmaTron Twin

AmaTron 4 with AmaTron Twin screen enhancement via tablet

New App for a more comfortable display of the field view by integrating your own tablet. Thanks to the AmaTron Twin App, the driver always has an eye on all applications on his terminal.

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ZA-TS mounted spreader

The TS spreader has the new AutoTS integrated, electro-mechanically operated border spreading system: to switch from normal to border spreading, different spreading vanes are activated on the spreading disc. This results in excellent border spread patterns - without changing discs - remotely from the tractor seat - while driving - without stopping.

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ZG-TS 01 trailed spreaders

AMAZONE sets new standards for trailed fertilisation with the new ZG-TS 7501 and 10001 models with hopper capacities of 7,500 l and 10,000 l. With the unique ProfisPro weighing system.



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Border Spreading Calculator

Boundary spreading has a long tradition at Amazone. Amazone developed the border spreading disc as early as 1980. The yield potential of the field boundary area was apparent even then.


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