WindControl | Fertilisation technology

Automatic compensation for wind effect
For particularly windy locations, AMAZONE offers WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) for the ZA-TS as a supplement to the ArgusTwin system. WindControl enables the influence of the wind on the spread pattern to be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for.

In this respect, a high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine measures the wind speed and wind direction. In conjunction with information from ArgusTwin, the job computer uses this data to calculate new setting values for the delivery system and spreading disc speed. If there is a side wind, the speed of the side facing the wind is increased and the delivery system is turned outwards. At the same time, the speed of the side facing away from the wind is reduced and the delivery system is turned inwards.

With the aid of WindControl, larger time windows are created for spreading in windy conditions. In addition to all the important fertiliser spreader parameters, the user also has an overview of the current values for wind direction, wind speed and gusts. In addition, WindControl sends an automatic warning to the driver in strong winds if the system is no longer able to compensate for the effects of the wind or gusts occur too frequently.

  1. Significantly reduced trajectory parabolas
  2. Side wind
  3. Unaffected spread fan
  4. Automatic compensation of the effect of the wind
  5. Asymmetrical spread fan
  6. Extended trajectory parabolas