Precision fertilisation with WindControl


Wherever you are in the world, the wind is always blowing. According to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, of HTW Dresden, the influence of wind on the spread pattern can be continuously monitored and automatically compensated by a wind sensor. This enables an optimum spread pattern to be generated, even under difficult wind conditions.

Without WindControl

With WindControl

The challenge: the wind is always blowing

Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, sometimes continuously, sometimes gusting and from all different directions. As a result, spreading fertiliser within a tramline can be subject to different wind speeds and changing wind directions.

When spreading fertiliser, wind is a parameter that you, as the user, can never influence directly. In practice, you spread your fertiliser on calm days, but even then, the wind continues to have a direct influence on the accuracy of application. In a cross wind, the spread pattern is compressed on one side and stretched on the other, creating an asymmetrical pattern. The aim of WindControl is to adapt the settings of the fertiliser spreader in real time, to maintain a symmetrical and precise spread pattern.


The solution: WindControl

A high-frequency wind sensor attached to the machine measures both the wind speed and direction and conveys this information back to the job computer. Using this data, the computer calculates new settings for the delivery system and spreading disc speed, which are then automatically adjusted. If there is a side wind, the speed of the side facing the wind is increased and the delivery system is turned outwards. At the same time, the speed of the side facing away from the wind is reduced and the delivery system is turned inwards. As a result, the wind effect is automatically compensated for, thereby ensuring optimum lateral distribution.

With WindContol, the spreading accuracy remains at a very high level, even under the influence of wind. In addition, WindControl creates a larger time window for spreading in windy conditions. As well as all the important parameters, you always have an eye on the current wind parameters, such as direction, speed and gustiness. WindControl also issues an automatic warning in strong winds, when the system is no longer able to compensate for the effects of the wind or when there are too many gusts of wind from different directions.

Hydraulic spreading disc drive

Thanks to different spreading disc speeds, the hydraulic system enables the use of WindControl and ensures optimal lateral distribution during side, border and water course spreading. In addition, you can achieve even finer adjustments with the use of GPS-Switch. This enables up to 128 part-width sections.

TS spreading system with delivery system adjustment and disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system

Perfection in every component, just like clockwork

  • High throwing distances enable working widths of up to 54 m
  • High application rates (up to 10.8 kg/s or 650 kg/min)
  • Fertiliser-saving: electrically-driven, slow-running agitators stop automatically when the rate shutter slide is closed.

NEW Now available separately from the ArgusTwin


The wind sensor is automatically extended or retracted when the spreading discs are switch on or off. When extended, the wind sensor protrudes above tractor to prevent any air turbulence caused by the tractor being measured. When retracted, the wind sensor is located between the tractor and the spreader to protect it from low-hanging branches during road travel.

windcontrol-traffic-light system (1)

WindControl traffic light system

Green: Unlimited spreading
Yellow: Increased control in border areas:
Red: Stop spreading!

Other equipment highlights:


Permanent monitoring and optimisation of the lateral distribution for each spreading disc via a total of 14 radar sensors. The effect of fluctuating fertiliser properties and qualities, changes in humidity and differing ground inclinations is automatically compensated for and a spread pattern with perfect lateral distribution is maintained.

Profis weighing technology

No calibration. Precise monitoring and control of the application rate using the 200 Hz weighing system and the tilt sensor. Input the spread rate, drive off and always apply the right quantity, even when border spreading and in wedge-shaped fields and, at the same time, have perfect control over the hopper fill level.

NEW: ProfisPro weighing system with FlowControl

ProfisPro combines the advantages of the weighing system with the FlowControl torque monitoring system: In addition to weighing, the quantity to each side is controlled by measuring the torques at the spreading disc. This guarantees a precise seed rate from the first second. Moreover, the ProfisPro spreader is equipped with independent high-speed monitoring and control of the two outlet openings.

Disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system

AutoTS guarantees the user significantly higher yields in the border area in comparison with existing border spreading procedures. You can conveniently switch between normal spreading and border spreading from the cab while driving, and activate side, border or water course spreading at any time, according to the headland location. Amazone offers settings for all these techniques.

GPS-Switch and DynamicSpread automatic part-width section control


The automatic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections in the form of a kidney-shaped pattern guarantees precise switching on wedge shaped fields and at the headland. Outer part-width sections can also be controlled.

AmaTron 4 operator terminal


With the new AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and its 8" multi-touch colour display, AMAZONE has developed an ISOBUS terminal where comfortable fertilisation is a matter of course. 12 switch areas on the touch display and another 12 soft keys allow intuitive operation in the day-night mode

  • GPS-Switch: automatic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections, marking of obstructions
  • GPS-Maps&Doc: Documentation and the processing of application maps is easy and precise
  • Use of on-line N-sensor technology for part-area, site-specific fertilisation enabling needs-based plant nutrition
  • NEW - HeadlandControl:
    • Widening of the headland for optimised on/off switching points
    • Optimum lateral distribution thanks to optimised overlap zones on the headland

Screen Enhancement AmaTron Twin

New App for a more comfortable display of the field view by integrating your own tablet.


Video of the AMAZONE ZA-TS mounted spreader with WindControl

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