MultiSwitch – Individual row shut-off for the seed and fertiliser

Together with the GPS-Switch software licence, AmaTron 4 enables individual row shut-off both for the seed and the fertiliser

Precise switch-on and switch-off points are very important, in order to avoid over- or under-sowing in critical areas such as on the headland. The individual row shut-off of the Precea, combined with the GPS-Switch software licence in the AmaTron 4 operator terminal, provides precise placement. This allows the control of each row and switch it off or on individually. On the one hand, this saves seed, as fewer overlaps occur, and on the other hand, gaps where weeds can spread are prevented.

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If fertiliser is to be simultaneously applied with the seed, you can also automatically switch the fertiliser on and off in single rows via GPS-Switch. This optimises fertiliser use and ensures
even ripening on the headland.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Reduction in fertiliser and seed costs
  • Optimisation of the yield while taking environmental regulations into account
  • Less strain on the driver


Reduction in the use of seed and fertiliser

Savings potential for various working widths 


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