Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (5) Catros-plus-8003-2TX-Super_Case_d0_kw_iDJI_0075_d2_180503
Thanks to GPS track, the driver always has an overview of the field. The parallel guidance aid helps you to relax and stay safely on track.

The GPS-Track parallel driving aid proves to be an enormous help in orientation within the field, especially on grassland. It features both A-B line and contour line driving track modes. The wheelings are clearly numbered. The deviation from the optimum track is shown graphically in the display. Clear steering recommendations via the integrated light bar in the status bar keep you on track. The exact distance to the next track line is also displayed – for ideal orientation, such as for finding the right maize row. Furthermore, the current wheeling is indicated by the ISOBUS tramline control for seed drills, meaning that a tramline can be automatically switched according to the tramline rhythm set in the machine (ISOBUS tramline control Level 1). Apart from the familiar systems such as track markers or switching via the working position sensor, AmaTron 4 therefore provides an extremely comfortable option for tramline control.

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