GPS-Switch basic

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Application when sowing: Position-dependent, automatic on/off switching for accurate placement of the seed

The automatic headland and GPS-Switch part-width section control is a GPS based, fully automatic headland and part-width section control for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills. When a field has been created, or if the border is known, the driver, in automatic mode, can fully concentrate on controlling the vehicle. GPS-Switch basic features the full functional scope of ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control). Equipped with GPS-Switch basic, the operator terminal offers up to 16 part-width sections. Additional applications are also possible with GPS-Switch basic, such as automatic boom lowering with AMAZONE crop protection sprayers or the creation of a virtual headland, which is extremely beneficial when sowing.

1. Virtual headland
2. Field and application maps for different seed rates possible
3. Worked area
4. Cataya automatically switches off precisely

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GPS-Switch pro
Up to 128 part-width sections are possible with GPS-Switch pro, which is based on GPS-Switch basic. Very small 50 cm part-width sections can therefore be switched when spraying using individual nozzle control. In addition to an auto-zoom function when approaching the headland, there is also the option of marking obstacles, for example, pylons or water holes, and receiving warnings when approaching them.

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