GPS-Switch - Accurate placement of the seed


GPS-Switch controls the switching on and off of the electric metering unit depending on the position of the machine and the settings made by the driver. 2 or 3 m half-side switching is possible in the Cirrus 4003-2 und 6003-2. In this way, during practical operation, the often found over or under-sown areas in critical spots, such as on the headland or in wedges can be minimised.

Application maps, in which the seed rate can be adjusted to the individual conditions in the field, such as hills and hollows or changes in soil type, are also becoming increasingly popular. The Task Controller (via ISO-XML) or GPS-Maps enables easy conversion of application maps. Standardised file formats can be imported into the system which is then implemented fully automatically. A graphic display of the map in the background offers a good overview.