Part-area, site-specific application – on-line/off-line

For variable application rates based on application maps or via on-line sensors

Part-area, site-specific fertilisation based on application maps
Systems for part-area, site-specific nitrogen fertilisation have been known for years. Some service companies now offer soil sampling with GPS support. The results can be used to create an application map which serves as a basis for part-area, site-specific fertilisation in combination with an ISOBUS terminal. This method balances the nutrient supply and therefore creates optimum part-area, site-specific conditions for plant growth from a nutritional standpoint.

Part-area, site-specific fertilisation with N-sensor
Apart from application maps, sensor systems can be used to exploit further yield potentials. Biomass, plant height, chlorophyll content and green colouration are used as indicators for determining the quantities of nitrogen already absorbed or the nitrogen requirement. This data is determined with the aid of sensor systems and the target values are transmitted directly to the implement, e.g. via ISOBUS terminals. The application of the fertiliser is tailored to the individual part-areas in this instance.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Automatic part-area, site-specific usage of application maps and sensor data as well as regulation of the application rate
  • Optimum crop management through needs-based fertilisation
  • Fertilisers are used in a more targeted and environmentally-friendly manner
  • Less strain on the driver