For perfect spreader adjustment

Photographing the test mats via the mySpreader App

The free mySpreader App enables AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders to be optimally adjusted and the lateral distribution checked. The wide variety of fertiliser types as well as variable properties of an identical fertiliser (due to storage or restacking) make it difficult for the user to find the perfect setting for a fertiliser. The mySpreader App helps to determine the perfect spreader setting for any fertiliser or blended fertiliser via the FertiliserService, EasyCheck and EasyMix functions.

For fast and error-free transmission, the setting values can be optionally transmitted to the spreader via Bluetooth with the Spreader Connect licence.

Put simply:
Open App and select the fertiliser – Transfer/send setting values to terminal – Put out the EasyCheck digital test kit – Spread onto mats – Photograph mats with the App – Transfer/send corrected setting values to terminal – It couldn’t be simpler.

The following practical advantages are provided by the mySpreader App:

  • Comfortable determination of the correct spreader settings – without tedious reading from setting charts
  • Simple optimisation and testing of the lateral distribution
  • Quick evaluation of the spreadability of certain blended fertiliser mixes
  • Free use of the FertiliserService, EasyCheck and EasyMix functions