HeadlandControl headland shut-off

For optimum lateral distribution on the headland

HeadlandControl – Optimum lateral distribution on the headland

Different fertilisers have different switch-on and switch-off points. In practice, the switch-off points are usually only achieved when the tractor is turning onto the headland. The arc of spread behind the tractor swings round to the side creating areas that are either over- or under-fertilised. The HeadlandControl function enables the spreader to throw fertiliser on the headland towards the inside of the field and beyond the normal working width. This means that the spreader can switch earlier when it arrives at the headland. The tractor can follow the tracks of the sprayer yet still achieve optimum lateral distribution.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Over- and under-fertilisation at the headland are avoided
  • Crops across the headland are more uniform