GPS-Switch automatic headland and part-width section shut-off down to 50 cm part-width sections

For a reduction in the amount of crop protection agent used in wedge shaped fields and on the headland


If the operating terminal features Section Control, such as GPS-Switch part-width section control from AMAZONE, the part-width sections can be switched completely automatically and in relation to the GPS position. Once a field has been established by the driver, then, in the automatic mode, they can fully concentrate on handling the vehicle whilst the switching of the part-width sections in wedges and on the headland is carried out automatically.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Less strain on the driver
  • Fewer overlaps and misses
  • Conserves the environment
  • A reduction in the use of plant protective agents of approx. 5 to 10 % depending on the conditions
  • Increased precision, even at night or at higher speeds

UF 2002 mounted sprayer