ContourControl and SwingStop

For precise boom guidance under the most difficult conditions.

ContourControl active boom guidance is a ground-breaking, fully automatic system for reducing vertical boom movements. This allows an extremely flexible and precise adaptation of the boom to the respective terrain and crop conditions. Even negative angling of each side of the boom is possible, i.e. the booms can e.g. drop below the level of the centre boom on the left and right when driving over a hilltop. This ensures that the desired application height is precisely maintained under all conditions – even with a target surface distance of less than 50 cm. There is no better way for a boom to follow the contours.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Best possible fully automatic vertical boom guidance – even at low working heights, high forward speeds and undulating terrain
  • Very fast folding
  • Protection of the boom

Increasing demands for the horizontal boom ride are also met with the SwingStop active vibration damping system. By external influences, such as ground undulations, driving round bends, acceleration and deceleration and increasing operating speeds the boom is put under extraordinary strain in the horizontal direction. This may result in the boom ends swinging up and down, thereby negatively affecting the lateral distribution of the plant protection agent at the outer end of the boom. This movement is actively compensated for by SwingStop. This ensures a very smooth horizontal ride and uniform application over the entire boom width. Under- or over-application at the outer end of the boom is reduced.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • No swinging back and forth of the outer boom ends
  • Uniform application over the entire boom width
  • Very fast, elegant and precise system

Horizontal boom movements
AMAZONE boom with SwingStop for excellent horizontal boom guidance