For uniform application when negotiating bends

AmaSelect CurveControl – optimised application when cornering

Up to now, over-dosing and under-dosing has occurred when applying plant protection agents during cornering. This can ultimately manifest itself in yield losses. With the CurveControl function, the AmaSelect individual nozzle control offers automatic nozzle changes for uniform adjustment of the application rate across the entire working width when cornering. Depending on the nozzle equipment, AmaSelect CurveControl provides an enormous range of application rates, thereby enabling the rate to be automatically optimised when negotiating bends. The application rate in the specified pressure range is taken into account for each individual nozzle, in order to ensure functionality and drift reduction, especially in the field boundary area.

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The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Almost constant application rates over the entire boom width  
  • Resistance and plant damage are avoided
  • Reduction in the use of plant protection agents
  • Optimum crop management
  • Extremely wide range of application rates depending on the nozzle equipment

Without AmaSelect CurveControl – uneven application rate when negotiating bends
With AmaSelect CurveControl – a more even application rate when negotiating bends