Part-area, site-specific application – on-line/off-line

For variable application rates based on application maps or via on-line sensors

Creation of an application map in a Farm Management Information System ...

If everything were the same, it would be easy. However, since hardly any field is homogeneous and delivers the same yield potential everywhere, individual part-areas must be considered and managed on a targeted basis. Using suitable application maps, which are derived from e.g. biomass maps, areas with a lower crop density and areas with a higher crop density can be supplied with plant protection agents or liquid fertiliser more in line with those needs. The same applies to sensor-based applications, whereby the different part-areas are directly identified via sensors during the measure and treated according to the needs.

... and display in AmaTron 4

Part-area, site-specific management is possible as standard with all AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals with the aid of the GPS Maps & Doc function. The application maps can be processed in ISO-XML or shape file format and the various application rates can be documented easily and quickly. The job can be exported and serves as documentation in the Farm Management Information System.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Automatic part-area, site-specific usage of application maps and sensor data as well as regulation of the application rate
  • Optimum crop management through needs-based application
  • Reduction in the use of plant protection agents and fertilisers, since only the required amount is applied
  • Prevention of resistance and damage to plants
  • Less strain on the driver

Part-area, site-specific application via an application map