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VarioControl – Richtig dosiert ist Ihr Saatgut Gold wert! (1) D9-3000-Detail_004_d2_d1_190920

VarioControl – Correctly metered, your seed is worth its weight in gold!

High-precision metering and calibration

Dosing has been further optimised with regard to throughput characteristics and longitudinal division. This is achieved by a combination of the 80 mm diameter "Control" seed wheel working in conjunction with the newly designed bottom flap and metering housing.

Because of the large diameter of the toothed seed wheels, the seed is singled within the metering system over a longer period. An even drive to the seed wheel is ensured by the stepless Vario gearbox.

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The Vario gearbox – infinitely adjustable

Via the infinitely variable, smooth-running Vario gearbox, seed rates from 400 kg down to just 1.5 kg per hectare can be metered with the highest of precision. It goes without saying that any seed type, such as rape, grass seed, cereals right through to peas and beans are also metered with that same degree of accuracy.

The Vario gearbox is also maintenance-free and easy to operate. The agitator can be disabled by pulling out a lynch pin when planting oil seed rape. The machine can easily be prepared for calibration.

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Control seed wheels

The combination of fine seed wheel (orange) and normal seed wheel (green) allows the application of seed rates from 1.5 kg/ha to 400 kg/ha without a seed wheel change. The conversion is done with just a few pins.

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