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Drive-line management with optimised fuel efficiency

New Stage 5 emissions compliant engine

The new Stage 5 emission complaint engine from AMAZONE uses exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particle filter to help protect the environment. The diesel particulate filter is continuously regenerating during operation. The SCR catalytic converter reduces, with the aid of a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injection, the levels of nitrogen oxide. The new 20 litre DEF tank is positioned at the side of the 230 litre diesel tank. The DEF consumption amounts to approximately 2.5 % of the fuel consumption, meaning that the DEF tank only requires refilling every 3 or 4 diesel tank fills.

The benefits

  • Stepless hydrostatic drive from 0 to 50 km/h*
  • State-of-the-art fuel management on the road and in the field with ECO and POWER mode
  • Tailor-made speed regulated radiator fan drive
  • Proven Deutz technology with a comprehensive service network

The heart as a unit: engine and hydrostatic drive

Deutz 6-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 160 kW (218 HP)

  • Turbocharger with intercooler
  • Common-Rail injection technology
  • 6.06 litres capacity
  • Country-specific execution according to either Stage 3A or Stage 5 emission compliance

The benefits of a clever cooling system:

  • revs on demand
  • at low power requirement and cool temperatures the fans are even switched off
  • Layout beyond the reach of dirt left hand: charge air, hydraulics right hand: engine, air-conditioning

“The Amazone Pantera impresses by its low diesel consumption, the minimal noise level, the good weight distribution and sufficient payload.”
(profi 12/2011)

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Operation at optimum fuel saving: ECO or POWER

The new and optimised engine revs regulation enables you to operate the Pantera always at the optimum fuel consumption efficiency. When ECO Mode has been selected in the AmaDrive vehicle terminal, the engine will search for the optimal operating point for torque and revs in the given driving situation.

When spraying on the flat, an engine rev reduction down to 950 RPM is possible. The automatic speed adaptation takes place constantly and sensibly between 950 and 2,000 RPM. However, when working on steep slopes, or operating with a full tank in hilly terrain, maximum power at up to 2,000 rpm can be drawn upon by using the POWER Mode.

Example in ECO mode

  1. On the flat, around 80 KW is required
  2. When the machine is climbing a hill, the torque increases under load. The speed remains constant.
  3. The climb takes longer: the power consumption increases to 120 kW. The speed remains constant with slightly increased fuel consumption.
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Infinitely variable power

The powerful Deutz 6-cylinder diesel engine with Common-Rail injection technology provides 218 HP and impresses by its high performance yet low fuel consumption. Thanks to the modern hydrostatic drive mechanism, you can drive the Pantera with absolute infinite variability.

This system allows, even at a low engine speeds, high start-up torques and a very dynamic acceleration.

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Good power/weight ratio

The low unladen weight of the Pantera 4504 (9,900 kg in a 24 metre working width) is another advantage with regard to its low fuel consumption. So, the fuel tank volume of 290 litres enables high work rates over long days.

  • Integrated DEF tank for the Pantera with its Stage 5 emission compliant engine
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Brake management: Your safety is paramount!

Pantera – safe intelligence

When the speed is reduced via the drive lever, the Pantera’s hydrostatic brake is activated and the vehicle is braked down to a complete stop without fuss. In addition, the Pantera has a hydraulic braking system with disc brakes, which are applied via a foot pedal. The drive stops automatically when they are applied.

Advantages of the braking system:

  • Safe and elegant driving performance
  • Reliable braking performance, even during emergency stops from 50 km/h
  • Automatic activation of the parking brake when standing still
  • Autohold assist when starting off on a slope
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Traction control as standard

The drive torque of the four wheel motors is constantly being monitored electronically and then regulated to ensure the optimum vehicle behaviour even under difficult conditions. Power-consuming differential locks are avoided. Traction control (TCS) also ensures safe driving on the road at all times.

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Pantera – reliable intelligence

Due to the large wheel diameter, particularly high torques are necessary when starting of. The intelligent drive concept of the Pantera does not build up these high forces hydraulically but mechanically via the fixed reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox. This is an extremely reliable drive under difficult ground conditions and when starting off.

  1. Constant pressure regulating pump
  2. Load Sensing regulating pump
  3. Hydraulic motor
  4. Disc brakes
  5. Planetary gear driven reduction 1:23.5
  6. Axial piston pump
  7. Motor
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Pantera+ drive concept – powerful intelligence

With the Pantera+, AMAZONE offers a drive concept that is particularly suitable for extreme terrain in hilly areas. Instead of the standard wheel drive hubs, all the Pantera models can be equipped with an alternative wheel hub with a gear reduction ratio of 1:30 (instead of 1:23.5). The Pantera+ has significantly more power with the alternative wheel drive hubs. The maximum speed is 40 km/h.

Advantages of the drive system: 

  • High torque at all times 
  • No speed change steps 
  • Possibility of larger wheel diameters 
  • A fixed reduction ratio in the planetary gearbox drives the wheel
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Steering management

Relax and enjoy your work – even on the headland

In spite of the size of the vehicle, the minimum turning circle of the Pantera is only 4.50 m when in all-wheel steer. This extreme manoeuvrability massively increases work rates, particularly in small fields. Switching between all-wheel and front-wheel steering as well as the steering correction is carried out by using the multi-function joystick. Dog leg steer helps you keep perfectly on track, even on a side slope. Driving in an offset track in dog leg steering mode provides positive advantages when in wet conditions on pressure-sensitive soils.

The Pantera also shows its intelligence on the headland: If headland management has been activated on the Ama- Drive vehicle terminal, switching off the sprayer automatically switches to all-wheel steering and the boom is lifted. When switching on after a turn, the front-wheel steering again ensures the perfect positioning of the boom.

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Automatische Lenksysteme (1) Pantera-AGI-4_Topcon-d2-151029

Automated steering systems

AMAZONE offers the Steer-Ready kit as a GPS-based automated steering solution which controls the hydraulic steering. When equipped with the Steer-Ready kit, connection to a GPS receiver, such as the AGI-4, is possible.

RTK solutions are available for high track-to-track accuracy.

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