PRECISION in a lightweight design - the UF 01 mounted sprayer

UF 01

Both super-light and super-stable

The UF 1201 mounted sprayer with 15 m Super-S2 boom Actual tank capacity 1,350 l

Convincing arguments for the UF 901 and UF 1201:

The compact UF 01 mounted sprayer is characterised by its light and stable construction and lightweight design.

The UF 901 mounted sprayer with 15 m Q-Plus boom Actual tank capacity 1,050 l

  • Actual tank capacity 1,050 l or 1,350 l
  • Light and smooth polyethylene spray agent tank with a favourable centre of gravity
  • Sprayer boom in a super-light, super-strong and super-compact profile construction – Q-Plus boom from 12 m to 15 m – Super-S boom from 15 m to 24 m
  • Outstanding boom suspension for an exceptional boom ride
  • SmartCenter – All controls are clearly laid out and user-friendly. They are logically and unmistakably arranged on the front left directly on the driver's side
  • Maintenance-friendly, self-priming piston diaphragm pump with dry-run protection
  • Induction bowl with Power Injector, for quick, safe and accurate operation
  • Expandable by 1,000 litres with the FT front tank – for even higher outputs

  1. SmartCenter adjustment centre
  2. Induction bowl (55 l)
  3. Rolling device

AMAZONE aircraft-style boom design

The profile of high-tensile steel - more than just a hard core: 
Thanks to their special profile design, AMAZONE booms are extremely rigid yet extremely light. The inside of the boom is made of high-tensile steel, so that the boom remains stable and spraying errors caused by oscillation are prevented. The 3-fold shock-absorbed suspension, hydraulic height adjustment and elastic skids guide the booms safely over the crop at the right distance.


Compactness matters!
The UF 01 is ideal for the use of cultivating tractors owing to the low centre of gravity distance as well as the light and stable design.

Everything shipshape!
The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No rattling. No susceptible wear on the boom pivots. High road speeds are not a problem.

Clean working!
No spray agent dripping from the boom onto the tractor
or the operator station, and the boom does not touch the tractor cab.

UF 901 mounted sprayer with 15 m Q-Plus boom

Advantageous centre of gravity: Can also be used with lighter tractors thanks to a slim tank design
Fresh water tank (120 l): Quick and easy filling



Maintenance-free and with a long service life
The decades of experience in boom design pay off: The conical hinge pin is the intelligent centre of a well thought-out boom philosophy! The boom pivots self-adjust against any play on the conical hinge pins and that ensures, for the end user, an optimised boom function even after many years.

The standard use of stainless steel, the automotive-industry standard, cathodic dip painting process and the targeted
use of plastics and aluminium are the perfect guarantee of a long service life.

Exclusively from AMAZONE: 
All hydraulic connectors are made from stainless steel!

Filling via the suction hose: Safe filling via a 2" suction port
Canister cleaning: For problem-free cleaning of the spray agent canisters

Piston diaphragm pumps: The piston diaphragm pumps are dry-run safe and liquid-fertiliser proof

Q-plus boom

The strong all-round boom up to 15 m
With the horizontally folding Q-Plus boom in working widths of 12 m, 12.5 m and 15 m, AMAZONE offers an entry-level boom that is second to none when it comes to quality and reliability. Hydraulic folding as standard.

The benefits:

  • Hydraulic height adjustment as standard
  • One-sided folding on the left-hand side as standard
  • Either single or 3-fold nozzle body

Extendable by:

  • Hydraulic tilt adjustment

Boom suspension: 3-fold shock absorbed suspension for the most arduous of operational conditions
Front tank FT 1001: For very simple expansion of the tank volume of the UF by 1,000 l

Super-S boom

UF 01 with Super-S2 boom: Compact and narrow transport width of only 2.40 m

Super-S boom
The vertically folding Super-S booms are available as Super-S1 booms in working widths from 15 m to 21 m and Super-S2 booms with weight-reduced outer boom sections of aluminium from 15 m to 24 m. Due to the layout of the boom, there are only a few pivot points. This enables quick hydraulic folding. The transport width is only 2.40 m, and the overview in road traffic is ideal. Anywhere the tractor can go, the sprayer, with its narrow booms, goes as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage.

The benefits:

  • Hydraulic height adjustment as standard
  • Either single or 3-fold nozzle body
  • DUS pressure recirculation system for a uniform spray agent concentration

Extendable by:

  • Hydraulic tilt adjustment
  • Independent fold
  • Electro-hydraulic Profi-fold with ProfiClick for the actuation of all boom functions via just one spool valve
  • Boundary nozzle switching


ProfiClick switchbox
ProfiClick offers the simple and precise actuation of all hydraulic functions of the boom, e.g. lifting and lowering, one-sided independent fold on the right or left, tilt adjustment.

AmaSpray+ comfortable in-cab terminal
AmaSpray+ enables forward speed related rate regulation.
As an option, AmaSpray+ enables one-sided folding of the boom or control of the end nozzles.

  • Overall and part-width section control – up to 9 part-width sections
  • Digital pressure and fill level indicator
  • Display of boom position and locking status
  • Hectare meter (total and daily counter)
  • +/- 10 % key for up and down rate adjustment
  • Field record management system


AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal
Comfortable working becomes a matter of course with the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal, which was developed in-house by AMAZONE. The 8” low-reflection multi-touch colour display allows easy reading and quick input of all the necessary information. Intuitive operation of the functions is guaranteed at all times either via the 12 keys or the touch display.

  • GPS-Switch basic: Automatic part-width section control with up to 16 part-width sections, creation of a virtual headland, automatic boom lowering
  • GPS-Maps&Doc: Documentation and the processing of application maps is easy and precise
  • GPS-Track: visual parallel guidance aid for easier driving

The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal is universally usable for all ISOBUS machines from AMAZONE and from other manufacturers.

AmaTron Twin display enhancement
App for comfortable control of the GPS functions via your own tablet in parallel with machine operation in AmaTron 4.

The best ever AMAZONE sprayer range

UF 01 mounted sprayers: 900 – 1,200 l, 12 – 24 m

UF 901
UF 1201

UF 02 mounted sprayers: 1,000 – 2,000 l, 12 – 30 m

UF 1002
UF 1302

UF 1602
UF 2002

UG and UX trailed sprayers: 2,200 – 11,200 l, 15 – 42 m

UG 3000 Super
UX 5201 Super

UX 11201

Pantera self-propelled sprayer: 4,500 l, 21 – 42 m



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