Issue 39 - 04/2020

Magazine of AMAZONEN-WERKE H. DREYER SE & Co. KG for employees, customers and friends of the company.

Report on the current situation

Every day, new reports on the spread of the coronavirus and the implementation of protective measures are changing the parameters for both society and business alike. Health and physical integrity are both precious commodities. Against this backdrop, we fully understand the current, drastic restrictions intended to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in Germany. Now, we can all only hope that the measures will have an impact.

Amazone started 2020 with a good order book. Sales had risen to an acceptable level at the end of 2019, even after the very dry summer and wet autumn that caused considerable difficulties for the agricultural sector. Due to our new products that were presented at Agritechnica, we’re looking towards the future with a cautiously optimistic plan.

The central spare parts warehouse, which stocks over 40,000 spare parts, has now moved to Leeden. We would like to express our thanks to the entire team in the Spare Parts Department for this logistical masterpiece. We firmly believe that we will be able to supply our customers with the quality of service that they are accustomed to from this new spare parts warehouse in future.

The AMAZONEN-WERKE Management team

Even when times are tough, we’re there for you!

Parcel packaging conveyor technology

The coronavirus pandemic has taken control of our everyday lives. But despite all the adversities, life and work both go on in the sectors that are important for providing the population with essential supplies. Food stores and supermarkets have to be stocked every day; accordingly, the food processing and agriculture industries have to provide supplies.

As manufacturers of agricultural machinery, we do more than just supply the right, high-performance technology that assists in that food production, we also deliver urgently needed spare parts when required. At the end of 2019, Amazone gradually commissioned the new spare parts warehouse measuring approximately 10,000 m². State-of-the-art storage technology with an automatic container retrieval warehouse comprising of roughly 27,000 containers for small parts, plus a narrow aisle warehouse with approximately 12,500 skeleton containers, enable optimum storage and delivery of spare parts at short notice.

High reach lift truck in the narrow aisle warehouse

At present, Ms Wiebusch-Rakonjac (Head of the Parts Department), Mr Markert (Head of the Order Picking Department) and a team of 60 employees are working flat out to deliver all seasonal orders on time. Both the systems technology and the new IT infrastructure are now working largely without any interruptions in three shifts.

We will do our utmost to supply our customers with the spare parts they need in the coming months. We apologise if there are delays due to the special situation.

Amazone Precea precision air seeder

Precea 4500-2CC precision air seeder, 6 row

Amazone has now successfully managed to develop a sowing unit that combines the advantages of the ED and the EDX. It places the seed with extreme precision even when driven at speeds of up to 15 km/h, working with next to no wear. The seed is shot into the seed furrow under pressure, caught by a catcher roller and fixed so that it is sown at a precise spacing in the pre-consolidated seed furrow and covered with loose soil. This creates the ideal  conditions for growth. During singling, sensors automatically prevent misses and double seeds.

The harrow-mounted Precea 3000-ACC precision air seeder, 4 row

The Precea precision air seeder can be combined with double-shoot under-root fertilisation. Depending on the model and the level of equipment, a 950 l or a 1,250 l fertiliser hopper can be utilised.

The Precea is available in four or six rows; larger working widths are already in the pipeline.

AMAZONE Precea 3000

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AMAZONE precision air seeder Precea 4500-2

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The flagship product among the compact disc harrows – CatrosXL, in widths from 4 m to 8 m

CatrosXL 8003-2TX with GreenDrill 501 and CatrosXL 6003-2TS with a front knife roller in action

Amazone has now developed the new CatrosXL for the highest workloads, working depths of up to 16 cm and the ability to mix a great deal of organic matter. It does a fine job with large 610 mm discs featuring fine or coarse-serrated profiles.

From 4 m to 6 m, this compact disc harrow is available either as a mounted model or as a trailed machine featuring a drawbar and bogey chassis. The larger working width models are equipped with central running gear. The CatrosXL has a particularly high clearance for use in conditions where there is plenty of crop residues. An additional front knife roller can be fitted to the trailed versions for chopping maize and sunflower stubbles.


The CatrosXL is designed for high performance and can be driven at speeds of up to 18 km/h, achieving a perfect working result despite the low pulling force required. The new CatrosXL is a marvel – a perfect addition to our range – and is already being greeted with enthusiasm in all fields.

AMAZONE CatrosXL 6003-2TS with knife roller and straw harrow

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AMAZONE CatrosXL 8003-2TX with GreenDrill 501

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Amazone is generating its own energy!

Combined heat and power plant

Saving the world by cutting the CO2 emissions that are destroying the climate is the hot topic on everyone’s lips – but we’ve been taking action for a long time already. Amazone is a pioneer when it comes to environmental protection, because AMAZONEN-WERKE produces a large portion of the energy it requires itself. And this is a long-standing tradition. More than 100 years ago, the machine tools in Gaste were directly driven by transmission shafts integrated in steam engines, which also covered the heat demand in winter. These steam engines were largely fired with waste wood from the company’s own production facilities. When waste wood was in poor supply during the 1960s because our agricultural machinery was, by that point, increasingly being exclusively made of sheet metal and steel profiles, the last system was finally dismantled.

It was a good 20 years later that the topic of independent energy generation became interesting again. When our paint system was changed to CTC (cathodic dip coating), Amazone purchased two combined heat and power plants in Gaste and Altmoorhausen that produce both electricity and heat. The electrical energy is used to power the machine tools, and the heat is used as process heat for the paint shop. This results in an efficiency level of more than 90% – which hardly any other power plant can come close to.


But that’s not all. We have been installing solar cells on the roofs of our plant in Leipzig for several years. The electricity generated in this way is used directly in our plant. We have been planning further solar installations on our sites in the meantime – the approval procedures are already underway. So you could say that actively practising environmental responsibility is a long-standing tradition at Amazone.

Strong representation in the south-west

Themenabend_BBG_PHOTO-2020-01-31-09-52-34 (1)

What will plant protection of the future look like? How many chemicals will still be allowed in the field? Amazone shone the spotlight on these controversial questions during a themed evening about plant protection. The response was overwhelming: more than 400 interested trade professionals accepted the invitation and came along to BBG Leipzig’s premises. They could see for themselves that Amazone is innovative and taking a two-pronged approach in this field.

We firmly believe that chemical plant protection will not become redundant in future; rather, we reckon it will have to be increasingly supplemented by mechanical weeding. That’s why the evening’s motto was ‘Changing crop care – two fundamentally different processes with the same goal’. Our speakers from Amazone and Schmotzer Hacktechnik presented potential of their machinery. The guests’ rapt attention and complete concentration showed that the event was an absolute hit in terms of content.

The UX trailed sprayer was demonstrated to the guests during the guided tour of the plant

The opening speech was held by Roland Kratz (Amazone’s Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Poland), and this was followed by the technical presentations. Once the official programme had ended, 150 guests – some of whom had travelled a long way – took the opportunity to find out about Amazone’s modern production techniques and stringent quality standards during an evening guided tour through the plant in Leipzig. The other guests continued their discussions in good company, exchanging their views on current agricultural topics. It is always particularly pleasing to see how our themed evenings strike such a significant chord with the professional audience.

Amazone manure spreader for the Lanz Alldog tool carrier

Anbau_Stalldungstreuer_Streuknecht_nur Streuer_sw

From 1950 to roughly 1970, Amazone also built manure spreaders in the Hude plant – surprisingly in large quantities and in different sizes. When tool carriers were the fashion and most tractor manufacturers had such a vehicle in their fleet, Amazone’s thoughts turned to how these tool carriers could also be used for manure spreading. The solution that Amazone went on to find was obvious. An tool carrier is better at carrying than pulling, but spreading manure forwards and then driving over it is problematic, apart from the smell. What’s more, the engine usually wasn’t powerful enough to drive the manure spreader.

With all these disadvantages, it’s hardly surprising that the ‘Streu-Knecht’ UK 1 LA manure spreader didn’t become a commercial success. It stayed at the prototype stage.

Notching up an impressive performance over three generations: the Brömstrups

Dirk Brömstrup, Head of the Marketing and Communications Department

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, he’s continuing the family tradition at Amazone: Dirk Brömstrup (Head of the Marketing and Communications Department) is the third generation of his family to work for our company. If you add the three men’s length of service up, they’ve worked for Amazone for almost 130 years in total – which is definitely a record. Dirk’s grandfather, Friedrich Brömstrup, worked for Amazone as a carpenter for 50 years under our founder, Heinrich Dreyer. Friedhelm Brömstrup, Dirk’s father, worked in Sales for 49 years, holding posts including that of Sales Manager.

Dirk Brömstrup, who holds a degree in Business Administration, joined our company in 1990 and has worked in AMAZONEN-WERKE’s main plant ever since. To begin with, he successfully took care of promoting our range of sprayers. Afterwards, the youngest Mr Brömstrup managed our Internal Sales Department in the German Sales Division, organised job management and took care of advertising. In 2002, he ultimately took over the establishment and management of the Marketing and Communications Department. He inspires colleagues and customers alike with his ideas. We would like to thank Dirk Brömstrup for all his excellent work to date and hope that he enjoys many more successful years working for Amazone.

Strong representation in the south-west

Amazone’s south-west subsidiary at Technik Center Alpen GmbH

Amazone’s new base in Kottenheim, around 30 km west of Koblenz, comprises of a hall measuring 500 m2 for machinery and parts storage plus training rooms, presentation rooms and plenty of outdoor space to boot. The new subsidiary is integrated into the building of our main dealer Technik Center Alpen (TCA) and replaces the old site in Winningen. It enables us to significantly improve our reach to and service for our customers from the Cologne / Aachen area, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland and southern Hesse. It also gives us the opportunity to showcase new technology and hold training courses. The new subsidiary means we’re much more strongly represented in this extremely important agricultural region than before.

One particular advantage of the new base is its central location, being very close to the A 61 and A 48 motorways. Udo Linck and Daniel Overhage – our factory sales representatives for this region – can now reach the Amazone base with their customers within an hour at most. In practice, this is convenience for the customer in absolutely every respect.

We welcomed over 250 invited guests – including many dealers, farmers and contractors – to the subsidiary’s opening ceremony on 25 October last year. We were also particularly pleased that representatives of Claas, the Board of Directors of AGRAVIS Schulte-Althoff, Dr. Schutte (CVG’s Head of Sales) and, naturally, our Managing Director Christian Dreyer, took part in the event. The many illustrious guests in attendance gave the opening of the new base the perfect glamorous setting.

The best out of a thousand (machines)

The award presentation ceremony (from left to right): Alexej Kalaschnikov (Product Manager at AMAZONE OOO), Vadim Pronin (President of the Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery), Alexey Sazonov (Factory Sales Representative at EUROTECHNIKA), Viktor Egorov (Head of Product Management at AMAZONE OOO)

It’s the best out of more than a thousand machines that competed for the award: Our Amazone Citan 12001-C seed drill. Last year, the Citan was voted ‘Best Piece of Agricultural Machinery of the Year’ at ‘Golden Autumn’ in Moscow, the most important agricultural machinery exhibition in Russia. The award was presented by Russia’s Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery (AIST).

‘Golden Autumn’ takes place every year in October on the ‘Krokus’ trade showground on the outskirts of Moscow and attracts thousands of trade visitors. Amazone naturally attends every year as an exhibitor with a stand.

Our Amazone Citan 12001-C seed drill, is equipped with the “RoTeC pro” single disc coulter and is characterised by particularly


even, precise seed placement and very high outputs. It has proven itself in use for years. The Citan is built in our plant in Samara, about 1,000 km south east of Moscow. We are proud to have received this award and we are expecting a strong demand, because the Citan will further strengthen our good reputation in Russia.

AMAZONE Citan large area seed drill

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A passionate employee for almost 30 years: Jens Meißner


He’s an export merchant, an engineer and a salesman all rolled into one, and is amazingly passionate to boot: Jens Meißner has been working for Amazone for almost three decades. After completing his training, Mr Meißner joined us in 1991. Not only did he bring his theoretical knowledge in the field of agricultural engineering along with him; he also had an apprenticeship to become an engine fitter, his school-leaving qualification and a year studying at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg under his belt. But – above all else – it was his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Agriculture completed at the Goryachkin State University in Moscow that made him a highly sought-after employee for Amazone. His knowledge of both English and Russian meant that Mr Meißner was the perfect person to tap into the CIS states for Amazone straight after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

But there’s more to Mr Meißner than just his specialist knowledge; his human side sets him apart too. With his genuine and friendly nature, he made the associates, with whom he built the sales of Amazone machinery, not only into partners with a strong cooperation, but also enthusiastic members of our extended Amazone family. The many years he has spent devoting his energies to the company have resulted in Amazone products being highly recognisable and having a good image and high market shares in many countries. We hope Mr Meißner has many more successful years at Amazone!

Amazone in the Western world: Growth in the USA and Canada

The Amazone range at Machinerie Serge Lemay Inc. in Warwick, Canada

America has long since been promised to be ‘the land of unlimited possibilities’. For Amazone, at any rate, business in the USA and Canada in 2019 was excellent. AMAZONE INC. increased its sales in these markets by 40% by tapping into new markets and establishing new cooperative relationships. A partnership with Claas dealers (Canada West Harvest Centre and MirTech) was launched in the USA and western Canada, for example. Both companies’ product ranges complement each other perfectly.

The training and further education of our own sales partners, with whom we have a close relationship, forms the basis of sustainable economic success, which is why Jérémie Messerli and Hugo Labonte trained both established and new dealers in Quebec. The purpose of this endeavour was also to improve

Julius Dallmeyer on the ZG-TS 10001 truck – which is used to spread mainly nitrogen, potash and phosphorus – in Ontario, Canada.

how sales figures are recorded. Eight partner companies in total were trained during this educational campaign. Julius Dallmeyer, Samuel Bailey and Marc Heater received plenty of praise from the new dealers for both the training activities and improved support for the cooperative relationship. Lyne Blanchard, who has contributed significantly to this growth and particularly proved her worth by introducing the ‘Sage Bäurer B7’ computer software for Canada, deserves special mention at this point.

We will continuously expand our network of American dealers and take on additional cooperation partners. More detailed information will be announced in due course.

New production technology in Hude

The new 500 t profile press

In addition to being known for a whole host of innovations, Amazone is famous for its machinery's outstanding quality and durability. But Amazone technology also has to remain affordable for our customers. And that’s precisely why our technology has to be further developed, while the efficiency of production in our plants is being enhanced at the same time. Against this backdrop, we have invested heavily in new production technology at our Hude site in recent years. Why? Because we still rely on an exceptionally high level of in-house production to guarantee our quality, cut our transport costs and promote highly qualified jobs at the location.

New robot welding system

Firstly, we have invested in fully automated welding technology in Hude, which makes producing our tooth packer rollers a great deal easier. Production was transferred from our plant in Forbach (France) to Hude and concentrated there. But our new welding robots are particular highlights in Hude. One of them can now even perform synchronised welding with two arms simultaneously. Another new addition is a huge double-armed robot welding system that runs on rails and can even completely weld large seed drill frames together in one clamping operation. The last system is currently being put into operation.

New robot welding system, still under construction

Secondly, we have purchased new automatic lathes with automatic feeding in Hude to manufacture a variety of very demanding components. To bend sheet metal measuring up to 6 m long, Amazone has invested in a new 500 t profile press, which is used to produce the troughs for the rotary cultivators, for example.

As you can see, Amazone is making great strides in production technology too.

Passionate about agriculture: our new factory sales representative, Wolfgang Schosser

Wolfgang Schosser, our new factory representative, in action at Agritechnica

It was his uncle’s farm that sparked his interest in agriculture. Wolfgang Schosser got his tractor driving licence at the age of 14 and has now become Amazone’s youngest ever factory representative.

Even as a boy, Mr Schosser helped many farmers in Deggendorf, a district in Lower Bavaria, by working in stables, on farms or in the fields. After finishing school, he started an apprenticeship to become a mechanic, before going on obtain the title of Master on completion of his course. He then discovered his enthusiasm for sales and joined Amazone. Mr Schosser demonstrated and sold our machines for ten years.

Then he left to gain experience as factory representative at Ropa in the field of potato harvesting machinery; he was responsible for Bavaria and Austria in this post. In 2019, Mr Schosser became the factory sales representative for AMAZONEN-WERKE, whose products he already knew very well.

We are thrilled to have this experienced expert in our team. He has already achieved excellent results within a short space of time, and we hope that the new member of our Amazone family will really enjoy his job – and the success that his hard work deserves.

RWZ Rhine-Main-Lahn Technology Group

RWZ’s Agricultural Technology Centre in Diez (picture source: RWZ)

Since January 2020, RWZ Rhein-Main eG has been further strengthening its successful, long-standing partnership with Amazone in the Rhine-Main-Lahn Technology Group by entering into an exclusive cooperation relationship. This means that farmers at the technical sites in Alsfeld, Diez, Friedberg, Langgöns, Lindheim and Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen have the complete product range of Amazone, the renowned equipment manufacturer, at their disposal.

‘The closer partnership means we’re now making our Sales and Aftersales teams identify with Amazone 100%. In future, this will enable us to provide our customers with even

The RWZ Rhine-Main-Lahn Group’s Sales team at the Amazone sales conference together with the Amazone staff responsible for their account.

more professional machinery-related advice and an outstanding workshop and spare parts service,’ explained Marco Schmehl, Managing Director of the RWZ Rhine-Main-Lahn Technology Group.

We would like to thank RWZ for the excellent cooperative relationship we maintain and would like to wish our reliable partner long-lasting success in the future.

Vadim Smirnov, EUROTECHNIKA AG’s General Director


Mr Smirnov has a demanding hobby: he takes part in international marathons.

Mr Smirnov has managed our very successful production plant in the Russian city of Samara (approx. 1,000 km south east of Moscow) for over 20 years. The plant, called EUROTECHNIKA AG, is constantly expanding, and now employs several hundred members of staff. The goal of manufacturing German quality in Russia has been met in full and is recognised by the professionals.

Vadim Smirnov (Mitte, grünes Trikot) beim Start des Berlin Marathons

To keep himself fit for his demanding days at work, Mr Smirnov runs long distances and even takes part in international marathon competitions. Generally speaking, Vadim Smirnov is ranked among the top 5% out of thousands of competitors. When he ran the Berlin Marathon, he came 208th out of 5044 runners in his age group..

In the meantime, all of the manufacturing operations for Primera DMC, our large area universal seed drills that are particularly popular in Russia, have been relocated to Samara. These seed drills have now moved up into the category of most sold machinery in our overall production programme. And Mr Smirnov plays an important role in all of this. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation awarded the honorary title of ‘Honorary Mechanical Engineer’ to EUROTECHNIKA Director Vadim Smirnov.

Agritechnica 2019 – a superb success (and we’ve got medals to prove it!)


Black Panther was the inspiration: The ‘Black Pantera’ was the crowd puller at Agritechnica 2019. On the Amazone stand, the special, black finished self-propelled crop protection sprayer model was surrounded by visitors and proved to be a real eye-catcher. Many people thought it was a downright pity that this one-off model we launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Crop Protection Technology Division isn’t for sale. Amazone showcased a number of other innovations at the world’s largest trade show for agricultural machinery, which was held between 10 and 16 November in Hanover, Germany, on the ‘feel-good stand’ that measured roughly 2,500 m2.

The three Agritechnica silver medals for Amazone were presented in front of the limited edition “Black Pantera” (from left to right): Gregor Bensmann, Stefan Kiefer, Arnd Kielhorn, Markus Ströbel-Fröschle, Dr. Justus Dreyer (Amazone’s Managing Director), Maximilian Homann, Jochen Heer

But the visitors weren’t the only ones who were impressed; the experts were too. Three of Amazone’s numerous new developments were awarded silver medals by the jury of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), with the recipients including the EasyMix fertiliser distribution App, which checks whether and how fertiliser can be blended. An award also went to AmaSelect Row, a crop protection spraying innovation that farmers can use to remotely switch the nozzle bodies at the touch of a button and save up to two thirds of the plant protection product through precise spraying. Together with eight partners, Amazone also won a silver medal for the Nevonex digital ecosystem, which provides a technical infrastructure for networking and automating equipment from different manufacturers and workflows. These three awards once again bumped Amazone up to rank among the most innovative companies in the industry.


At the trade show, Amazone demonstrated that combining modern machinery with digitalisation allows yields to be increased and fertiliser and chemical use to be minimised. But this is precisely the key issue that is currently occupying the minds of many farmers. The crowd of visitors proved just how huge the interest was: the German Agricultural Society (DLG) counted 450,000 visitors at Agritechnica. This is a good sign that shows our farmers are looking further into the future and are thinking about how to combine economy and environmental protection.


For the first time, we also presented our new purchase (the long-standing tradition, Schmotzer) at a separate stand, which sparked a great deal of interest. Mechanical weeding machinery is trending at the moment – and not just in organic farming. Visitors could see for themselves that Schmotzer’s mechanical weeding equipment complements agrochemical crop protection and Amazone’s expertise perfectly.

AMAZONE Agritechnica 2019 Hall 9 360° tour

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A top-class winemaker in Austria’s Burgenland state

Resi and Jürgen Zechmeister

Amazone machines aren’t just popular among farmers; winemakers are keen on them too, as proven by ‘Weinbau Zechmeister’, a traditional family-run business based in Eisenstadt (Burgenland, Austria). The Zechmeister family presses and markets multi-award-winning wines straight from the farm, in addition to growing winter wheat, rape, sunflowers and maize.

The modern company has been ploughless for 15 years – and has used Amazone’s entire range of equipment over an even longer period. The Zechmeisters have been using an Amazone fertiliser spreader, for example, since the 1970s. A UF 01 sprayer and the Cenius 4003-2 Super cultivator have been added over the years – the most recent acquisition being the Cirrus 6003-2 seed drill combination with TwinTeC+ double disc coulters.

Zechmeister Cirrus

The highly-efficient and reliable technology has helped the company to significantly optimise its harvest results in recent years. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Zechmeister for the amazing trust they place in Amazone and would also like to wish them every success with their business for the future.

Liquid manure technology of tomorrow: Catros+

Catros+ 8003-2TX put to successful use in demanding slurry applications

What is the best way of incorporating liquid manure in stony and hilly terrain? Can this fertiliser be carefully added to the soil in doses without the volatile nitrogen escaping into the environment and spreading unpleasant odours? And without overfertilising the soil and polluting the groundwater?

The answer to these questions is ‘Yes’. Amazone’s Catros+ compact disc harrow is the perfect product for that very application. Lohmann Betriebs GmbH, based in Pockau-Lengefeld in Saxony’s Ore Mountains, is a prime example of this. Last year, Lohmann bought a new Catros+ 8003-2TX with a working width of 8 m and pull it behind a self-propelled ‘Terra Variant 585’ slurry tanker from Holmer. Amazone has equipped the Catros+ with reinforced discs, disc bearings and cage rollers for optimum use. The three segments of the 8 m-wide harrow run in a ‘floating position’. In other words, they automatically adapt to the unevenness of the ground in the hilly terrain of the Ore Mountains. The desired working depth of between 5 and 15 cm is set.


Since making this purchase, Lohmann has already cultivated more than 3,000 ha with the Catros – which spreads 10 to 15 m3 of liquid manure per hectare according to regulations and, despite the difficult conditions, has kept up without any complaints. This is what the liquid manure technology of tomorrow looks like! So nobody will have to do without that affordable and abundant fertiliser, liquid manure.

AMAZONE Catros 8003-2TX Pro Holmer Terra Variant

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Production of the PH 1500 has started at our plant in Forbach, France

Hervé Rose during the final assembly of the PH 1500.

The new PH 1500 Profihopper with a cutting width of 1.50 m has been in series production since this spring.

The advantages of the Profihopper haven’t changed. It can mow grass even when it’s wet, scarify and collect the scarified material at high speed, and chop and collect leaves and small pieces of debris on the grassed areas.

All of these features make the Profihopper an incomparable work tool. The larger

Steered by Thierry Schneider, the 1500 SmartLine Profihopper self-propelled mower/ collector with intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive works impressively in tall grass.

Profihopper also offers a significant increase in performance due to its much larger capacity. These unique properties quickly pay off, especially for gardeners, landscape gardeners and local authorities. We are proud of our big ‘Profihopper’.

Reinhard Schwope is restoring a K-700A


When he was a young university graduate, Reinhard Schwope started out at BBG Leipzig’s Design Department in 1983, where he got involved in developing the B200/201 and B550 plough series.

A farmer friend brought Mr Schwope’s attention to a Kirowez K-700A that had been sitting in his barn, forgotten for 30 years. It didn’t take Mr Schwope long to decide to save the tractor from being finally scrapped. The ‘beast’ had to be removed from the barn so it could be transported to a suitable dismantling location. Mr Schwope couldn’t do this on his own. Control of the steering cylinders was modified so that the K-700A could be transported from the barn to the low loader with the help of a tractor and by being steered remotely by its hydraulic system.


From May 2017 onwards, the centre pivot steering was dismantled one step at a time. The eight-cylinder V-engine (14,860 cm³ displacement) was dismantled, reworked and placed in a test stand. In November 2018, the heart of the ‘Russian bear’ was brought back to life. In the meantime, the transmission has also been renovated and is now functional. The rest of the tractor was dismantled down to the frame and centre pivot steering.

At the moment, Mr Schwope is busy constructing a new building to make room for reworking the axles and chassis parts, because he is reaching the limits of his existing space. Once the building is complete, he will start assembly in the summer. We wish him all the best with his restoration.

Present: the Amazone Catros in Chile

A special sight: The Amazone Catros in front of the impressive Osorno volcano

It was more than 100 years ago that Heinrich Dreyer, founder of AMAZONEN-WERKE, exported his winnowers (which already bore the ‘AMAZONE’ name at that time), to the port city of Valparaíso in Chile. In his chronicle, he recorded the motto ‘We must go out into the world’. This was very forward-looking, especially since exports from Germany – and to South America in particular – were still rather rare at that time. Nowadays, of course, the situation has changed entirely, as Amazone now exports more than 80% of its machines to over 75 countries.

So selling Amazone machines in Chile is simply continuing a long-standing tradition – while tapping into constant growth at the same time. Amazone machines have been sold very successfully in Chile for many years by our local importer, Cromaq, which is based in Osorno, in southern Chile. The city got its name from the famous Osorno volcano, which can be seen nearby. Intense and highly diverse agriculture is carried out in this region, as is also the case along Chile’s entire coast.

Christian Dreyer is the Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year

Amazone_GF Christian Dreyer_Agrarunternehmer des Jahres
The “Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year” award was presented by Dr. Bernard Krone (right). The Dreyer family, from left to right: Klaus Dreyer, Philipp Dreyer, Christian Dreyer, Bettina Dreyer, Elena Dreyer

His foresight and ground-breaking concepts are exceptional and extremely proactive. That, at least, is the opinion of the agricultural trade journal Agrarzeitung (AZ), which awarded Christian Dreyer the title of ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of 2019’.

Agrarzeitung heaps praises on Christian Dreyer, calling him a ‘clever and level-headed man’. The jury believes that Mr Dreyer, who has been one of AMAZONEN-WERKE’s Managing Directors for 20 years (together with his partner and second cousin, Dr. Justus Dreyer), has ‘further developed the traditional company and set the course for a successful future’, so the statement said

It went on to explain that Mr Dreyer had transformed the company, founded in 1883 by his great-grandfather, into an internationally focused supplier of agricultural machinery and made it fit for the future. Under his leadership, the export share rose from 30% in the early 1990s to 80% today. The award is, not least, recognition of this successful corporate development despite the difficult environment in this sector.

Agrarzeitung awards the title each year to an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. In 2019, the award was again presented during ‘Agritechnica’, the world’s leading trade show for agricultural machinery that is held in November, during a festive gala evening in the old town hall in Hanover. The laudatory speech was given by fellow entrepreneur Dr. Bernard Krone, from Krone, based in Spelle, Emsland. Amazone’s employees can also be proud of this honour – because it’s partly due to them. Or, as the prizewinner himself put it: ‘This is, not least, a team effort made by all our employees.’


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Draft: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Dreyer

Concept, texts and design: Amazone marketing department

Photos: Amazone Archive, RWZ

Print run: 10,000 copies