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Profihopper 1250

Quick and highly-manoeuvrable - the Profihopper 1250 offer high work rates and maximum consolidation of the cuttings in the collection hopper thanks to the PowerCompactor - the effective capacity of the hopper is increased from 730 l to up 1,000 l of collected cuttings. More mowing, less downtime.

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Safe, comfortable and high

Collection hopper with high-tip emptying

Large collection hopper - highly efficient

With a hopper capacity of 730 or 1,100 l, the Profihopper has the capacity to collect a large volume of cuttings. The key feature is, however, the compaction provided by the PowerCompactor: The cuttings are tightly compacted so that up to 45% more cuttings can be gathered up - approximately 1,000 l of compacted cuttings for the Profihopper 1250 with a 730 l tank capacity and 1,600 l for the Profihopper 1500 with 1,100 l tank capacity.

The high-lift discharge – safe, comfortable and high

Safe emptying is possible at a height of 2.1 m with the Profihopper 1250, or 2.5 m with the Profihopper 1500, thanks to the high-lift discharge. The transfer point of the hopper has been positioned as far to the rear as possible, so that even high-sided containers can be filled as completely as possible – and all controlled conveniently and comfortably from the driver’s seat. It only takes a few seconds - and you can get straight back to work.

All components are easy to reach for cleaning.

The benefits: 

  • Quick and convenient emptying of the collection hopper 
  • High-tip emptying at a height of up to 2.1 or 2.5 m for Profihopper 1250 and 1500

Sicher, komfortabel und hoch hinaus (3) Hochkippentleerung

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