Sep 10, 2018

The new Profihopper 1500 SmartLine - capable of up to 15,000 m² per hour

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The new Profihopper 1500 SmartLine - capable of up to 15,000 m² per hour

The Profihopper 1500 SmartLine self-propelled mower offers a professional, high performance machine with the ultimate in output. Thanks to a working speed of up to 10 km/h and a cutting width of 1.50 m, area outputs of up to 15,000 m² per hour are possible.

More performance, more efficiency from that unique technology

From mowing and mulching to scarifying and collecting - the Profihopper 1500 SmartLine is the tool for use in any situation. As a fine flail mower, the all-season machine provides an excellent cutting quality in both short and long grass. By having the ability to mow, mulch or scarify and to collect grass, leaves, horse droppings or rubbish in just one pass, valuable time is saved. Maximum output can be achieved from the 1.50 m wide, out-front mower. In addition, it is equipped with the SmartCut exact cut rotor with a chevron-shaped blade arrangement for improved cutting and pick-up quality. The robust PowerCompactor auger conveyor system consists of both a longitudinal and a transverse auger. This enables the Profihopper to have higher conveying rates, and thus forward speeds, than comparable machines, even in long grass. The grass is compacted immediately after being picked up by the PowerCompactor system and is force-fed into the hopper. This compaction means that over 1,600 litres of uncompressed grass can be collected in the 1,100 litre collecting hopper. As a result, time wasted due to hopper emptying is immediately reduced and the productivity of the machine, and thus the work rate, is increased in parallel. The PowerCompactor system requires no air assistance and is therefore quiet and largely dust-free. Simple unloading into high-sided transport vehicles is possible by utilising the Profihopper’s hydraulic high-tip emptying at 2.50 metres.

The all year-round machine offers powerful arguments

The modern, high-performance engine technology (45.6 HP / 34kw) is today Stage 5 ready, and without the need for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). The 50 l diesel fuel tank ensures long uninterrupted working days. Ground-breaking performance at working speeds of up to 10 km/h guarantee maximum efficiency. The Profihopper 1500 SmartLine is equipped with intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive. Via this 4WDi technology, drive to the rear wheels are only engaged when the front wheels need assistance. In bends, on slopes and in wet conditions, the strengths of the machine become particularly obvious. The system works in both forward and reverse gear. The intelligent all-wheel drive and electronic control of the machine provide massive fuel savings in normal operation. The compact design enables 0-turning circle steering and thus offers greater manoeuvrability and safety off-road. The ultimate in frame robustness and reliability in operation make the machine stand out from other mowers.
Hoher Bedienkomfort und beste Ergonomie
Hoher Bedienkomfort macht jeden Arbeitseinsatz deutlich entspannter, ermüdungsfreier und sicherer. Die ergonomische Anpassung aller Bedienungselemente an den Fahrer garantiert diesem eine gezielte Entlastung. Selbst an einen Getränkehalter sowie ein Ablagefach ist bei dieser Maschine gedacht. Daneben ist eine Einsatzdokumentation zur Leistungsberechnung oder Auslastungsanalyse der Maschine möglich. Schon während des Einsatzes werden wertvolle Informationen auf dem digitalen Info-Display angezeigt.

Neuer Profihopper 1500 SmartLine schafft bis zu 15.000 m² pro Stunde