GPS-Switch: Automatic headland and part-width section control


The optional GPS-based, fully automatic headland and part-width section shut-off for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills which are GPS-Switch ready. Once a field has been created or its boundaries are known, the driver can concentrate fully on vehicle guidance in automatic mode. GPS-Switch provides the full range of functions of the ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller SectionControl). The benefits: + The modular design of the system makes it possible to use existing GPS systems as position sensors, e.g. for track guidance. This reduces costs. + Concentration can be devoted to driving and the trailed implement. + In addition to high comfort for the driver, GPS-Switch offers significantly higher application quality and safety. + Night work and higher speeds are possible. + The system always works with the same precision regardless of the time of day or night. This means that an optimum result can always be achieved and documented with the aid of the headland and part-width section shut-off. + Depending on the area structure, savings of up to 5% are possible. + The most important machine data is also displayed in the GPS-Switch view for plant protection and sowing. + GPS-Switch can also be retrofitted to existing AMATRON 3 machines as an option.