Part-area, site-specific sowing on the basis of application maps

For an increase in yields

Part-area, site-specific application

Since the soil conditions, water availability and therefore also the yield potential can sometimes vary greatly within a field, it makes sense to tailor the seed rate to these conditions. Field-specific yield maps or soil maps are used to produce application maps which can be utilised via the standard GPS-Maps&Doc function. Apart from sowing via application maps, under-root fertilisation via application maps has also gained in importance, particularly in maize sowing. The multi-bin function allows several application materials to be controlled independently of each other via application maps.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Application of seed and fertilisers tailored to the soil quality and as and when required
  • Part-area, site-specific documentation
  • Increased efficiency through a reduction in the use of inputs
  • Targeted use of seed and fertilisers helps conserve resources and protect the environment