FertiSpot precision fertilisation

For pin-point fertiliser application: Higher yields, save costs, protect the environment

Precea 4500-2C Super in operation

Current precision seeder methods often use a separate coulter to apply fertiliser alongside the seed, in order to support seedling development. The conventional method is to place the fertiliser slightly below the seed in a laterally offset band. In this case, however, it cannot be completely absorbed by the plant, as the entire placement area is only explored by the roots at a late stage. Owing to increasing legal requirements, however, it is important to use the available fertiliser even more efficiently. With FertiSpot, the fertiliser is not placed completely in the form of a band but is also applied to the areas where the seed is located with pinpoint accuracy. Targeted placement leads to significantly improved nutrient utilisation, since the availability to the plant increases. The higher availability means that the total fertiliser application per hectare can be reduced, which has positive effects on environmental protection, business management and labour management.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Targeted fertiliser placement allows a reduction in the total amount of fertiliser
  • Fertiliser savings of 25 % with the same yield level
  • Protection of the environment
  • Cost savings due to reduced amounts of fertiliser and higher productivity during sowing owing to 25 % fewer breaks for filling

Effects of savings - assumption: 100% continuous row corresponds to a usage of 120 kg DAP per ha