AutoPoint switch time optimisation

For optimum switching points on the headland

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Determination of the exact switch-on and switch-off times is significantly more complicated in pneumatic seed drills than in fertiliser and crop protection application due to the long seed delivery route from the metering unit to the coulters. AMAZONE offers the AutoPoint system for pneumatic seed drills to further improve automatic switching via GPS-Switch. A sensor on the coulter enables AutoPoint to determine the actual seed flow and therefore the exact delay time as well as the exact switching points for starting and stopping the metering unit on the headland.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Automatic determination of the conveying time of various seed types from the metering unit to the coulter
  • Minimisation of misses and overlaps for good field hygiene
  • Minimisation of the disease pressure > Fewer plant protection measures needed and costs reduced at the same time

GPS-Switch with AutoPoint