What does an ISOBUS system consist of?

A modern ISOBUS system consists of various components, including the tractor, terminal and implement. It always depends on what the terminal and implement are capable of – and last but not least, which equipment options have been installed. Functions have been defined for the sake of clarity.


Tractor ECU Basic

Tractor ECU is the “Job Computer” of the tractor. Information such as the speed, PTO speed, etc. is centrally provided here. In addition, an implement connector socket on the rear of the tractor and a terminal connector socket in the cab are required for certification of this function.

Universal Terminal

Offers the possibility of operating an implement on any terminal or using one terminal to operate different implements.

Auxiliary Control
AUX-N – Auxiliary Control (new)


Additional operating elements which are designed to facilitate the operation of complex implements such as a multi-function joystick or the option of controlling functions on the implement side via an additional operating element.

Task Controller basic (totals)


Documents the total values, thereby giving an overview of the amount of work done. The implement provides the values. Data exchange between the Farm Management Information System and the Task Controller takes place in the ISO-XML format. As a result, jobs can be easily imported to the Task Controller and/or the finished documentation can be exported afterwards.
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Task Controller Section Control


Carries out the automatic switching of part-width sections, e.g. in crop protection sprayers, seed drills and fertiliser spreaders depending on the GPS position and desired degree of overlap.
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Task Controller geo-based (variables)


Offers the additional option of collecting location-based data or planning location-based jobs, e.g. with application maps.
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One language, many benefits!

Each ISOBUS-enabled machine from AMAZONE comes with the latest technology and almost unlimited possibilities. It makes no difference whether you use an operator terminal from AMAZONE or an ISOBUS terminal fitted directly in the tractor. ISOBUS is an internationally recognised standard for communication between the operator terminal, tractors and connected implements on the one hand and Farm Management Information Systems on the other.