Segmented distributor head | Half-side shut-off

Segmentverteilerkopf mit mechanischer Halbseitenschaltung (1) ADP01special_KG3001_P7060394_d1_170908

Segmented distributor head with mechanical half-side shut-off

The segmented distributor head is arranged directly above the coulters and ensures short conveying distances for the seed.

The optional mechanical half-side shut-off for the Avant 3002, the Avant 4002 and the Avant 4002-2 enables asymmetrical tramline rhythms, e.g. with a sowing width of 3 m and a tramline width of 24 m, to be implemented with ease. The seed rate is not automatically reduced in the process. 

The benefits:

  • Short conveying times for the seed
  • Reduction in overlap saves seed
  • Minimising dust creation inside the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted
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Variable Fahrgassenschaltung (1) Avant3000_MasseyFerguson_d0_kw_P8186490_d1_201028_d1_210817

Variable tramline control

With the aid of the tramline shut-offs, in total up to six seed rows per side can be switched off. The wider tramlines are ideal when using crop care tractors with tyre widths of up to 1,050 mm on 15 cm row spacing or 875 mm on 12.5 cm row spacing. The seed rate is automatically reduced when the tramlines are shut off.

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Halbseitenschaltung elektrisch oder mechanisch am FTender (1) FTender_details_d0_kw_P7294815_d1_201028

Electric or mechanical half-side shut-off on the FTender

The half-side shut-off for the folding 5 and 6 m machines can be remotely controlled electrically from the tractor cab or carried out mechanically directly on the FTender mounted front hopper. The feed into one of the two segmented distributor heads can be prevented via a flap directly below the metering unit, so that half-side shut-off can be implemented.  

The electric half-side shut-off helps to reduce excess sowing on the headland or at the edge of the field and can also save seed. Half-side shut-off enables the machine to be comfortably switched off via the terminal in wedge shaped fields or steeply angled headlands. Additionally, via GPS, automated switching of half the working width is possible.

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