Centaya-C Special

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Wide range of applications

The twin-chamber hopper means that the new Centaya-C Special offers the option of sowing companion and undersown crops in addition to the main cash crop. These are of great benefit for weed suppression and for increasing erosion control and biodiversity. In addition, the simultaneous application of fertiliser is an efficient solution that leads to rapid seedling development and high field emergence. This sowing technique offers farmers and contractors a variety of establishment methods and a high degree of flexibility by the combination of seed and fertiliser.

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Divided hopper

The hopper capacity of the Centaya-C Special of 1,500 l is divided in the ratio of 70: 30. Two different materials can be filled in volumes of 1,050 and 450 l.

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Accurate metering

The ISOBUS-controlled Centaya-C Special enables separate and precise metering of a wide variety of application materials via the infinitely adjustable electric metering units with sowing rates from 0.5 - 400 kg/ha. The Centaya-C Special can be used at forward speeds of up to 10 km/h and with row spacings of 12.5 or 15 cm.

  • Two metering units for a wide variety of materials

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Up to 3 materials

The conveying system feeds the different materials to the coulters via the segmented distributor head. The simple conveying system transports the seed and the fertiliser to the coulter utilising the single-shoot process. Seed and the fertiliser are then placed into the soil via the coulter. The same applies when sowing two different seeds. The two metering units mean that different seed rates can be simultaneously metered using the appropriate metering cassettes. Also the combination of the Micro plus micro-granular applicator allows the driver to apply a third material in a single pass. This can be used for metering small quantities of materials, such as micro-nutrients or low seed rates.

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