Depth wheel

The support wheel

Exact depth control combined with perfect boundary ploughing 

The various tyre sizes mean that the support wheel can be optimally adapted to the practical requirements.

  1. Tyre size: 400/55-22.5
  2. Tyre size: 500/45-22.5
  3. Tyre size: 500/60-22.5
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Exact depth control

A choice of large-dimensioned support wheels provide optimum ground drive and exact depth control, even under the most arduous of conditions. The depth is easily adjusted by means of the support wheel, hydraulically from the cab, or manually using clips on the piston rod, without the need for tools. The scraper reliably cleans the wheel. The standard hydro-pneumatic suspension of the support wheel provides maximum safety and the highest comfort on the road. 

The benefits

  • Safe and comfortable transport travel
  • Reliable depth control
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Perfect boundary ploughing

The support wheel is positioned to the side of the beam so that ploughing close up to the field border is possible. The wheel is located inside the furrow width at maximum furrow width. The wheel is located inside the machine even at medium furrow width. Working directly near boundaries or obstructions becomes even more precise as a result.

“With a transport width of 2 m, and since the support wheel is damped via a nitrogen accumulator when the plough is lifted up slightly, you feel fine when driving on public roads.”
(profi Practice test. “Really good work...” · 05/2023)

  1. Furrow width per body: 42.5 cm
  2. Furrow width per body: 55 cm
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