Sep 12, 2023

New Teres 300 stepped adjustable plough

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Stepped adjustable plough with manual furrow width adjustment and extension of the SpeedBlade plough body range

Teres 300 stepped plough with 5 furrows in work
Teres 300 stepped plough with 5 furrows in work

The new models mean that the previous Teres offer has been extended by the stepped adjustable ploughs with manual furrow width adjustment. The Teres was introduced as the new AMAZONE mounted plough in 2022, initially only with variable furrow width adjustment.

The new stepped ploughs are an excellent solution for farms which do not wish to adjust the furrow width in the field. AMAZONE now offers a Teres mounted plough with 4, 5 or 6 furrows with variable furrow width adjustment or manual furrow width adjustment for tractors up to 300 hp. The furrow width can be adjusted to 35, 40, 45 or 50 cm for each plough body in the new Teres stepped ploughs.

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The plough is characterised by its simple adjustment, low pulling power requirement and perfect working profile. In addition, the new plough bodies ensure reduced wear costs, even at higher speeds. 

Simple and comfortable adjustment for a perfect working profile 

The Teres 300 and 300 S are equipped with manual furrow width adjustment as standard and hydraulic front furrow adjustment as an option. This means that the front furrow can be conveniently adjusted from the cab and also adapted to suit varying soils and when working on slopes. 

The parallelogram arrangement in the settings centre is a real advantage in terms of comfort and precision. It means that the pull point does not have to be re-adjusted when the front furrow is adjusted. Here the pull point is automatically adjusted via the parallelogram. 

Optimum front furrow adjustment thanks to hydraulic front furrow adjustment
Optimum front furrow adjustment thanks to hydraulic front furrow adjustment

Innovative SpeedBlade plough bodies

The new SpeedBlade plough bodies with the patented extra-large front shin of the mouldboard are also fitted to these models. The SpeedBlade plough bodies are characterised by minimal wear on the main mouldboard. The main wear point automatically shifts further and further back towards the centre of the plough body when increasing the working speed from say 6 km/h up to 8 km/h. As a result, the main wear point of the SpeedBlade plough body is kept on the enlarged front shin of the mouldboard and not back on the main part of the slatted or solid mouldboard, even at these higher forward speeds.

This means that only the front shin of the mouldboard needs to be replaced in the first instance on the Teres when used at higher speeds. This enormously reduces wearing costs compared to other designs.

In addition to this, the SpeedBlade plough bodies are extremely hard owing to the unique ©plus hardening process and the introduction of carbon and are therefore highly wear-resistant. For example, a very high hardness and thereby a smooth surface is achieved on the front of the mouldboard. This reduces the pulling power requirement and therefore the fuel consumption. At the same time, this process ensures long service times and short downtimes. The back remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant. 

Various bodies, skimmers and disc coulters are available for a variety of operating conditions.

Teres 300 with side-mounted support wheel for optimum ploughing at the hedge side
Teres 300 with side-mounted support wheel for optimum ploughing at the hedge side

Durability and longevity

The Teres has a robust beam which measures 150 x 150 x 8.8 mm. The large hollow turnover shaft with a diameter of 130 mm permits two bearings of the same size. This markedly increases durability.

The Teres is also equipped with the ProtectShaft cross-shaft with an integrated lower link balls. The pivot bearings have a dampening effect and protect the plough on the headland and when driving on the road.

There are two variants for the Teres when it comes to overload safety protection. One is the shear bolt overload safety device with a shear force of 4,400 kg, and the other is the hydraulic overload protection device for more intense and stony operating conditions.

The furrow depth adjustment is either carried out manually or hydraulically via the support wheel. In this respect, AMAZONE offers both side-mounted pendulum and combination support wheels as well as the pendulum support wheel for the new Teres models. The Teres range also includes various tyres with a variety of diameters and profiles for exact depth control and effective self-driving. A specially developed AS tyre with dimensions of 785 x 350 mm is available for particularly demanding conditions for depth control. 

Extension of the SpeedBlade plough body range

Extension of the SpeedBlade plough body range: 

Extension of the SpeedBlade plough body range

The body range of the Teres 300 and Tyrok 400 has been extended by the WXL 35 SpeedBlade plough body. The actual body profile is already very well-known from the Cayros and has proven itself when used in the appropriate soils. However, the WXL 35 also has the enlarged front shin of the mouldboard, whereby the body is wear-resistant, even at the increasing forward speeds. The main wear point is always on the front shin of the mouldboard and not on the complete body, even at higher forward speeds. As a result, only the front shin has to be exchanged in the first step, which cuts costs enormously.

The heavily scrolled mouldboard means that the WXL 35 is ideal for many soils, especially medium to heavier soils. In addition to this, it is characterised by good furrow clearance and an exceptionally low pulling power requirement. The WXL 35 brings its strengths to bear particularly in the case of high crop residues and large quantities of organic matter. 


  • New stepped plough with simple manual furrow width adjustment
  • High levels of efficiency owing to high forward speeds with minimal wear thanks to the SpeedBlade plough body with enlarged front shin of the mouldboard and ©plus hardening process 
  • No pull point adjustment required when changing the furrow width setting
  • High durability thanks to the shock-mounted ProtectShaft cross-shaft
  • Simple adjustment of the front furrow thanks to optional infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment